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4 Must-Have Devices During a Power Outage

Certain essentials will make your life easier if you live in an area regularly affected by power outages. It’s important to be prepared for any situation, especially in the aftermath of precarious weather conditions, and these are the must-have devices that will make your life easier when the power is gone.

  • EcoFlow Delta Pro

    A massive blackout is one of the worst things after a major weather event. You can’t charge your essential electronics, and most importantly, your fridge will be without power. The EcoFlow Delta Pro is technically a backup battery, but this monstrous unit does so much more. There are cheaper options in terms of backup batteries, but if you want to power all of your essentials without missing a beat, this is where it’s at.

    First off, we need to talk about weight. Don’t get it confused; it’s a hefty unit. In fact, hefty is an understatement. The EcoFlow Delta Pro is massive at a whopping 105 lbs.

    However, the unit does include wheels, and a briefcase-like handle, so moving it around won’t be that difficult. You won’t want to be moving it around too much, so setting it up as a central hub would be the ideal thing to do.

    If you need to power a normal refrigerator, the EcoFlow Delta Pro has your back. It can also be charged using solar panels, which is an amazing capability to have in the aftermath of a natural disaster. This device should be left indoors at all times, though, because it doesn’t mix well with water.

  • AceBeam X50 2.0

    Having a flashlight during a power outage is key. If you have one of the brightest flashlights for sale, even better. The AceBeam X50 2.0 might seem like overkill, but if you live in a secluded area, it might be an amazing solution. Visibility equals safety, and a flashlight like this could save lives during a blackout.

    The great thing about the AceBeam X50 2.0 is that it can also double as a reserve battery, allowing you to hook up your devices via USB-C.

    This is perfect for emergencies where you might not have ready access to charge your dead phone. In terms of light output, it can deliver an incredible 45000 lumens while Turbo Mode is activated.

  • EcoFlow 400W Solar Panel

    Charging your portable battery and ancillary devices may be difficult if the power goes out, which is why the EcoFlow 400W solar panel is an essential item during a power outage. Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource, but harvesting it can be tricky if you don’t have the right gear.

    The EcoFlow 400W solar panel will help you harness the sun’s power, especially during power outages. Being stuck at home during a power outage can be a frustrating feeling.

    Nervously waiting around for the power to come back on is a horrible feeling, so charging with a solar panel is an awesome choice. The EcoFlow 400W solar panel is a handy option if you’re low on space and want just one powerful solar panel.

    This panel is advertised to deliver 400W, putting it above and beyond most other consumer panels currently available for sale. Of course, this is the advertised maximum, and your charging wattage may differ from what EcoFlow advertises.

    Regardless, the panel will still deliver insane power and is a great companion to the EcoFlow Delta Pro portable battery. The panel is foldable and super portable, allowing you to take it anywhere you want, even camping. It is a bit heavy, but the convenient carrying case makes your life easier.

  • Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000

    Backup power is super important during an outage, but most people don’t want to carry around a huge backup battery like the 105 lb EcoFlow Delta Pro. In instances where portability is key, you should consider the Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000.

    This 2,096Wh backup battery is perfect for charging your smartphone on the go, as well as other essential electronic devices when the power goes out. It’s also relatively svelte at approximately 47 lbs, less than half the weight of the EcoFlow Delta Pro.

    The SuperBase Pro 2000 has 14 output ports, which is a ton, along with seven ways to recharge the device. You can even use solar panels to renew the charge on this amazing unit. If you’re in desperate need of recharging, you don’t have to worry, because the SuperBase Pro 2000 charges super quickly.

    This unit can charge up to 80% in an hour. Zendure says you can use the SuperBase Pro 2000 to charge your drone 215 times, and this type of device will also come in handy during a camping trip, thanks to its amazing combination of weight and power.

Nobody likes power outages, and they can be terrifying. But, with the tech on this list, you can go about your daily routine in a more normal fashion, even if you’re devoid of electricity. Don’t let power outages get the best of you, plan ahead with awesome tech.

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