A new song by Nacee called “Aseda” is released; Expressing gratitude and hope!


Aseda, which translates to “Thanksgiving” in English, is a new gospel song by Ghanaian musician Nacee. The song’s aim is to make listeners feel thankful to God for all that He has done in their life. On Boomplay, “Aseda” has grown in popularity and is now present in over 35 playlists.

The platform’s exclusive release has heightened the anticipation for the release. The “Aseda” music video will be accessible on all digital streaming services, as well as on TV, radio, and Nacee’s YouTube account. “Aseda” is a gentle and spiritual gospel song with a simple arrangement and sweet melodies that lift the listener’s spirit.

The song’s introduction on the guitar is accompanied by piano and strings, creating a beautiful and calming atmosphere. The lead and backup vocals resonate with the listener, encouraging them to worship and offering hope that they can overcome any difficult situation they may face. Nacee 1 The song “Aseda” was written by Nacee, and its lyrics depict his life experiences and upbringing. He used to labor at several low-paying jobs before turning to God for aid and changing his life. His song “Aseda” is a thank-you to God and an inspiration to people who are going through difficult times.

In spite of closed doors, Nacee assures her audience that God is with them and will open new ones. He is convinced that everyone’s tears will one day become a tale of greatness.

“Aseda” promises to inspire and uplift listeners, encouraging them to give thanks to God for all that He has done. Nacee’s personal experience and journey to where he is today make the song even more meaningful and relatable.

To stay up-to-date on Nacee’s latest releases and projects, fans can follow him on social media. His handles on Facebook and Instagram are @naceemusic, and his handles on YouTube and TikTok are also @naceemusic.

You can listen to “Aseda” on Boomplay here: https://www.boomplay.com/albums/67270757

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