Angel Fm Confirms That, The Killers Of Major Mahama Face The Court Today.

It has been right around a long time since the awful episode, including the homicide of Major Mahama when he was sent to his in the battle against illicit mining in the Denkyira Obuasi people group.

He was executed, when he was on his initial daytime running as he stop to buy some food stuffs from individuals. Because of the weapon, he was caring he was seen as an outfitted burglar, despite the fact that he showed individuals his military ID card.

The video of his demise when viral as the culprits of this wrongdoing were distinguished in it. During the past court hearing, the speculates argued that, they are liable of the wrongdoing.

This Afternoon Angel Fm affirmed that, the suspects have been shipped off court today to proceed with the knowing about the case. As at now, the result of the court administering hasn’t been affirmed, as the court is as yet in meeting with every one of the confirmations gave.

The 14 presumes incorporated the previous legislative official of the space, William Baah and his partners. The commentators even said that, they accept that, individuals had another plan to the side speculating him to be an outfitted looter.

What’s your opinion about this case and how the equity framework is functioning? How will you respond if Major Mahama was your relative? How about we get your thoughts in the remarks area beneath.




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