Apple Watch Series 8 Review

And so it came to pass! Apple not only dropped the new Apple Watch Series 8 at its recent press event, but also the more rugged (and expensive) Apple Watch Ultra.

Series 8 price

The Apple Watch Series 8 is available in two case sizes (41mm and 45mm) and two case finishes (aluminium and stainless steel).

Another category you need to keep in mind when choosing an Apple Watch is connectivity. Here, you can choose between the GPS model or the GPS + cellular model.

The Apple Watch with the 41mm aluminium case starts from $ 558.38 for the GPS model and $679.95 for the GPS + cellular model.

The Series 8 with the 45mm aluminium case is available at $594.80 for the GPS model, and at $716.44 for the GPS + cellular model.

Also, the stainless steel models of the Apple watch are only available in GPS + cellular and are priced upwards of $911.06 (for the base 41mm case).

Series 8 design

The Apple Watch Series 4 made some big design changes in terms of display and the Series 5, Series 6, and Watch SE adopt the same design.

The general style and shape remain the same as the original Watch, but they offer a lot more screens in similar footprints.

The Series 7 increased the screen size again, and the casing options changed from 40mm and 44mm, to 41mm and 45mm. Series 8 continues with this design.

Series 8 specs

The Apple Watch Series 8 is thought to run on the same processor as the Apple Watch Series 7, which is the same processor as the Series 6.

The Watch Series 8 adds a body temperature sensor, which will help aid women in detecting ovulation.

These sensors are present in Series 7 too, including an optical heart rate sensor, electrical heart rate sensor, and SpO2 sensor.

Also, there are new motion sensors within the Apple Watch Series 8 that allow the smartwatch to detect car crashes. Automatically call emergency services, send your location and contact your emergency contacts.

A new gyroscope that can detect 256g instead of 32g like the Series 7

Finally, more health and fitness features have come to the Apple Watch Series 8, with watchOS 9 bringing several. There are updates to the Workout app and changes to the Health app. There are also more advanced cycle tracking thanks to the body sensor, with ovulation detection.