AI ; A Cause To Panic Or A Benefit To Our Future.

The unending development of systems to aid in daily human activities has never seized since it started way back from the beginning of time.


We as humans have always devised ways and means to make life easier, one may say out of laziness but hey, don’t you pick a taxi when you know you could walk? . In my opinion development is a necessity for we all wish there was a better way to do a thing at a point in time. But then again some development seems like a threat to our future.

From the times Cave men built racks to travel across sea, The use of the spiders web to navigate directions like a compass, studying the position of the sun to tell the time and even the use of mere rocks to start fire. No one ever guessed how far we could advance and even now you and i don’t know the limit we can reach.

We have come far. From history before auto-mobiles where made to now where even a car can drive on its own. This is a faction of system development called Artificial intelligence or even machine Learning that we cannot do without in the quest to build the best and efficient systems.

Artificial Intelligence has been in the game for quite a while now. with its application to build systems like robots, software and many more.

Recently I reviewed a newly developed software MeowTalk. An Artificial Intelligence( AI ) and machine learning software that translates the meow of your cat into a language that you can understand. Yes Amazing isn’t it, but that’s how far we have come.

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With AI (Artificial intelligence) on the rise, there is panic amongst many. That very soon,robots ,machines and even mere software like Siri, alexa and the rest are going to take over our jobs. This idea notion is of-course being being created in our based movies we watch. Stories we hear and other articles and documentaries spread across all media. This has caused a great fear of new technological developments. Especially with artificial intelligence and anytime we hear about a new AI Machine designed we tremble. For some reasons we can be sure that machines and software are not going to take over our human jobs.


Machines are no doubt the exact opposite of a human. Given the fact that humans have certain psychological abilities and traits that machines do not have. Or rather safe to say, may not have for at-least for a long time since developers are trying to replicate traits such as emotions and empathy among the rest in robots and other machines. According to one tech specialist and philosopher, William J. Littlefield II, humans are able to reason in an abductive manner. Whereas machines are currently only able to do so deductively and inductively. Meaning their reasoning is based on a defined database or simply a set of rules and guidelines. But we humans reason outside the box.

Another reason we can count on as artificial intelligence won’t take over our jobs is that. As technology develops, we create new jobs. Despite the fact that machines have taken over a number of jobs. There is no major impact in any field or sector. Who knew that Content writing or graphic design would even be a good paying job in these times. Its this same developments in technology that led to the creation of such jobs and even more still to come.


Machines taking over human jobs only seems so because of our exponential increase in population. Actually these machines that we have fear of may not come at a simple price not to talk of maintenance. So Please Do Not Panic At All The fact remains that Machines are only meant to make life Simpler.


Credit: Dailynubs