Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Make Money In 2022

Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Make Money In 2022

When it comes to making money from a blog, AdSense is one of the best blog monetization programs available. While AdSense is definitely the biggest name in display advertising, it’s far from the only option.

Creating an AdSense account and getting approval is not a particularly easy process, especially for a newbie blogger. The real problem emerges when Google bans your AdSense account!

A good solution is to start looking for some of the best Google AdSense alternatives. Getting Google AdSense approval is a dream for bloggers. But if you fail to get approval or get rejected for some reason, don’t despair, because this article will make you aware of many Google AdSense alternatives for you to use to earn money online.

The AdSense alternative ad networks mentioned below are not necessarily better than Google AdSense, but depending on your blog niche and site’s traffic, a few AdSense alternative programs (like or Propellerads) might give you better earnings and results than AdSense.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Make Money In 2022

1. PropellerAds

PropellerAds is one of the top performing ad network and something I love because of their technology innovation. Apart from all usual ad types, recently they added web push notifications ad type.

Depending upon kind of blog that you have, you can pick from various ad types offered by PropellerAds. Be it for your desktop site, mobile site or for video content.  Minimum payout is $25 and it’s idle for every new and medium size blogs with low or high traffic.

2. is the most popular 1:1 AdSense alternative on this list as it’s the contextual ad product from Yahoo/Bing. It will serve up relevant ads based on the content on each page of your site, including both text and display ads

Like AdSense, you can create your own custom display ads or let figure out the sizes that get you the best results.

If you only try one AdSense alternative on this list, I would recommend it be this one.

The minimum payout at is $100, which is a bit higher than some of the other AdSense alternatives on this list.

3. Adversal

Adversal offers features similar to Superlinks, but you need to have monthly page-views of 50,000 to apply.

Minimum payout is $20, and after 35 days, you get paid at the end of the month.

Payment modes are PayPalwire transfer, and ACH. It takes 3-4 days to get your application approved.

4. Adsterra 

Adsterra is challenging the Adsense monopoly. They are a world-renowned ad network with a Partner Care approach, serving over 30 billion ad impressions per month worldwide. 18K+ direct publishers and 12K+ brands, affiliates, media agencies, and ad networks dealing with mainstream and non-mainstream verticals.

The setup takes less than a minute, supports all ad-formats, and provides a seamless API integration. Adsterra is not recommended for publishers with bare-minimum traffic. To unlock its true potential, you’ll have to have decent traffic.

5. Revcontent

Revcontent was created back in 2013 by John Lemp and is one of the best rewarding websites. As a Google Adsense alternative, they offer high eCPM rewards for websites having more than 50,000 impressions monthly.

Revcontent was rumoured by not accepting many of the websites, but in reality things have changed and nowadays, they are serving more than 500 billion content recommendations.

Revcontent is known as one of the fastest growing ad networks and most liked alternatives to Google Adsense, which tends to pay 70% of what the advertisers pay (which is 10% more than what Google Adsense pays).

The difference that sets Revcontent and Adsense, which marks it as a high alternative, is that they offer infinite scroll, gallery implementations and a wide variety of widgets that you can place on your website.

Apart from others Revcontent offers Video Ads, for both Desktop and Mobile, which are paying you based on CPV (cost per view).

What is the minimum withdrawal for Revcontent?

 $50 and it is paid by Check, PayPal, Bank Wire or ACH.

6. Monumetric

Monumetric helps you make money by filling your ad inventory with the highest CPM offers available. Essentially, you set up the ad inventory that you have available on your site. Then, Monumetric helps you fill it in the way that earns you the most money for the impressions that you’re getting.

Monumetric has a reputation for being publisher-focused, with tools to help you manage which ads appear on your site and where they display.

For example, if you don’t want to display ads from a certain company or industry, Monumetric makes it easy for you to avoid those advertisers.

Monumetric works with sites starting at just 10,000 page views per month. However, if your site is under 80,000 page views, Monumetric charges a one-time $99 setup fee.

7. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is one of the longest companies in the ad-tech business, created in 2008. As from the beginning until now, they are competing with Adsense in CPC.

Bidvertiser is known as the world’s largest CPC ad-tech company, having 500 billion impressions.

The requirements to get accepted in Bidvertiser are none. You only have to register and link your website. Then you automatically start serving ads in 5 minutes.

The Bidvertiser inventory of ads is Pop Under Ads, Direct Ads, Push Notification Ads, Native Ads, Contextual Pop Under Ads.

As a top Google Adsense Alternative Bidvertiser pays a high commission based on CPC and low based on CPM, just as Adsense.

For a click you can get up to 5$ with this Adsense Alternative.

Bidvertiser also rewards its user based on CPA (click per action). You can get a high commission when a user allows notifications, downloads a product, registers or completes any kind of action.

The CPA model is not highly rewarded in Adsense, as they are mainly based on CPM (cost per impression) and CPC (cost per click).

With the high paying CPA model, Bidvertiser has over 500,000 publishers and five times more advertisers, who are willing to pay huge ammounts.

As a con, Bidvertiser does not offer interstitial ads, which are based on the user’s interest, which can result in a low click through rate.

But look on the bright side. This lower CTR (click through rate) pays up for the con. In one click (as mentioned above) you can get more money, than you could ever get with Google Adsense.

Not only Bidvertiser pays higher than Adsense could ever pay, but also they have 10 times lower withdrawal requirements.

What is the minimum withdrawal for Bidvertiser?

 $10 and it is paid by PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, Check

8. Adcash

Adcash (don’t confuse with Addcash) is another well-known ad serving platform. The platform helps 200 million active users increase their conversions and app installs. 

Adcash allows you to add various ad types, from pop-under ads to standard display ads. Worldwide coverage is another Adcash’s benefit. The platform serves ads for 196 countries, meaning that if your website is located outside the US, you can still monetize your content and traffic with respect to your geographical location. 

Another benefit you will get is Adcash’s Anti Adblock Technology. This means that website visitors with enabled Ad Blocker will still get to see ads on your website or blog.  This happens because Adcash manages to bypass ad blockers to increase your earnings.

9. Amazon Display Ads

Seeing an Amazon advertisement program listed as an “AdSense alternative” might be a little surprise for many, but in 2019 they are one of the most popular choices among bloggers for site monetization.

Until recently, it was only the Amazon Affiliate program, but with Amazon Native Shopping Ads & CPM based ads, they are a great choice for users who are looking for something other than AdSense.

In my opinion, the Amazon display program is ideal for those who have US & EU traffic. Native Ads, in particular, is a bit like affiliate marketing on steroids.

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10. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is notable in that it’s not about automatically displaying contextual ads like you get with AdSense. Instead, you can list your ad inventory in the BuySellAds marketplace, where advertisers can directly purchase it.

For example, you can say, “I have this footer ad spot that gets 30,000 impressions. I’ll sell it for $300 per month”. Then, advertisers can easily purchase that inventory through BuySellAds – it’s all automated.

If you like that approach, definitely give BuySellAds a look.

The only downside is that BuySellAds will only work with your site if you’re getting over 100,000 page views per month