Billboard Displays Gyakie At Times Square

Announcing her being named as part of the 35 privileged global female music artists in Spotify's novel EQUAL list

Even as Gyakie has been ranking among the top 10 of Billboard’s Top Triller Chart over the past weeks, she has also moved on to being shown on an actual billboard located at Times Square. This was to announce her new accomplishment of being named as part of the privileged female music artists from across the globe in the novel EQUAL class, an initiative by Spotify.

While Billboard is an American magazine and website dedicated to news and other events about the music industry, Spotify is the biggest global music streaming platform that introduced EQUAL to celebrate female artists in the industry in a special way.

Logo of Spotify's EQUAL, with tagline "Women at full volume"
EQUAL: Women at full volume

The only African named

As the only African, Gyakie joins other female artists from around the world who have been selected for the inaugural class of EQUAL, including American rapper Saweetie, Brazillian pop artist DUDA BEAT, British singer-songwriter Griff, Mexico’s Natalia Lafourcade and German singer Zoe Wees.

The genesis of EQUAL

According to a study funded by Spotify, it was found that only one in five (1 out of 5) artists on the charts are women. Knowing how integral women artists’ influence has been on Spotify and the music industry at large, Spotify intends to  amplify the work of these females by extending resources and generating more opportunities for them. In short, they are “turning up the volume” of the music by female artists.

Times Square is a major commercial intersection, tourist destination and entertainment center in New York City, USA, the location of the billboard showing Gyakie.

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