Some Top Cheapest Asian Countries to Live In 2022

The rising costs of in many cities around the globe have caused many to wonder if there are places they could move to and live at a lower cost and still get access to many of the amenities they have in more expensive areas. Areas with a low cost of living exist in many places especially in Asia and South America.

This article discusses 5 cheapest Asian countries to live in, whether on a low budget or want to limit your spending. The 5 cheapest Asian countries to live in are: Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

These countries made the list primarily for their low cost of living but also for the quality of various amenities they provide at those low prices. Therefore factors like accommodation took into consideration not only the rent prices but the size and quality of apartments.

Here Are Some Cheapest Asian Countries To Live In


The country is known for its expansive coastline and interesting mix of both ancient and modern history. Vietnam has been a popular destination for tourists and remote workers for years already. Whether you want to relax on the beach in, or live it up in Saigon, there’s probably something here for you, at a much lower price than what you might pay elsewhere.

As with most countries, the cost of living in Vietnam depends on the city or region you choose to spend time in. Major cities like Ho Chi Minh are  more expensive than rural locations, but the wages for expats who choose to work in those cities are also higher.

Visitors can rent a small apartment  for around $200 a month while eating out costs are around $1–3 per meal if you buy from local restaurants and food joints, and around $12 at Western-style restaurants.

Transportation is very cheap, with local public transport starting at around $0.30 and taxis from just $0.50 per kilometer.


Indonesia is a large country with a high population, and offers a range of different experiences to people coming to live and work. Most travelers hang around the many attractions in the country from Bali’s surf bars to the amazing natural environments spread across the archipelago, and the historical sites scattered in many places.

Indonesians pride themselves on being a country of varied people who all get along. It’ll be difficult to choose just one place to stay, so tourists usually prefer to move around to get the best experience of the country.

The capital Bali is more expensive than other rural town, however depending on your lifestyle it should still be much cheaper than many populous towns around the globe.


Manila is a bustling busy city, however it’s a true experience with many historical sites for people visiting or staying for a while. Outside the capital life is somewhat different — meaning you could also choose to head to a laid back beach resort or somewhere more rural if that’s your thing.

No matter where you choose to live in the Philippines, it won’t be necessary to purchase your own vehicle. The Philippines are known for their kooky modes of public transport and they’re so cheap that many people forgo that big purchase.

A local tuk-tuk or scooter taxi will cost pennies per ride and the longer trips on a jeepney won’t be much more. If you choose to splash out, you can pick up a brand new scooter from as little as $1,000, or a secondhand one for around $400.


Malaysia has a good choice of places to live or visit. From busy bustling capital city of  Kuala Lumpur (KL), to colonial Georgetown, you can pick from beachside life, vibrant cities, or sleepy towns.

Georgetown in particular gets voted the best place to retire regularly, and offers good medical facilities and infrastructure; KL has options for families including good international schools; and Johor is right next door to the bustling tech nation of Singapore when you want a change.


No list of the best and cheapest countries in the world would be complete without a mention of Thailand.  Travelers all around the world had fallen in love with the Country of Smiles. Living costs are incredibly low here, even in big cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Beach resorts tend to be slightly more expensive but are still cheap compared with other beach resorts around the world.

Crystal clear waters, a fascinating culture and incredibly tasty food make Thailand the perfect place to live and work. To top it off, Thailand is also among the cheapest and safest places to live in the world.   It’s possible to live perfectly well on $550 in Chiang Mai, for example. You can find $1 meals at street stalls, markets, and food courts in malls. Rent can be as low as $150 per month for your own studio in a Western-style complex. And ride on a public bus starts at around $0.25.

These five Asian countries have made the  list for this blog post. Other honorable mentions that did not make the list of the cheapest Asian countries to live  in this article include the likes of Cambodia and Laos. There are more of such countries however. And further updates will go into much more detail.