COVID-19: Vaccination Starts Early March – GHS

Covid-19 is already here and now fortunately the Vaccine is here too. But many are asking questions about when thiese doses are going to be administered and also how? Recently the Ghana Health Service has come out with a declaration that Approximately 20 million Ghanaians including students of Senior High Schools and tertiary institutions, teachers at all levels will be vaccinated against the novel virus in early March 2021, Ghana’s Health Service has said.

A staff of the Service announced this speaking at a public engagement on the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out held on Friday, February 19, 2021.

“Security personnel, other essential service providers, persons above 60 years, students of second and tertiary institutions, teachers at all levels, specialised groups, the Executive, Legislature Judiciary and MDAs, the media and of course the rest of the population will receive the COVID-19 vaccines.” Dr Kwame Amponsa-Achiano of EPI, Ghana Health Service said.

According to him, about 12,500 vaccinators will be deployed to participate in the nationwide coronavirus vaccination exercise to slow the fast-spreading of the locally transmitted virus in March this year.

“12,500 vaccinators and nearly 40.000 volunteers with a little over 2,000 team supervisors will be used for both round 1 and round 2 of the campaign. Remember that the vaccines are given in two doses.” He added.

The nationwide COVID-19 exercise form part of the central government efforts to slow and curb the spread of the unexpected global coronavirus pandemic that has claimed about 568 Ghanaian lives. We hope to see its full effect by June where the vaccination procedure will be nationwide and for all citizens.

This Too Shall Pass!

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