Create A TikTok Pro Account Step By Step

Over the years. TikTok has become one of the best social media platform for marketing, advertisements and music promotions. Trending songs in this era right now has their first factor to be TikTok. All brand influencers and other advertising agencies have channel led all their business promotion to TikTok and yes they are benefiting. In this article we are going to take you through the step by step method to create a TikTok pro account.

let’s get started…

TikTok pro is an extended rendition of TikTok. It doesn’t permit you to access more video editing features, however, you can get extra analytics features that help you to trace the weekly or monthly performance of the video, and followers’ gender, location, interest and more.

TikTok pro is useful for TikTok celebrities to understand their fans more and create visual contents catering to audiences’ interest. There are lots of successful cases of booming followers after using the TikTok Pro.

What’s better, TikTok pro is currently free to use! Now, follow the steps below to enable you to create a TikTok pro account easily.

  • Step by Step Guide to help you create a TikTok pro account:

Pro account which is free? That’s the question many netizens will ask themselves. But this is a new feature and free for anyone who wishes to join. To create a TikTok pro account for free read this article carefully and pay attention while we give you all the necessary tips required

  1. Go to your profile and click on the privacy and settings tab.
  2. Tap on “Join TikTok testers” 
  3. Confirm the application with the mobile number/email you used to sign in to TikTok.
  4. Follow the prompts to finish setting up.

Once your setting is done and the pro account has been created an analytic tab appears below your profile which enables you to trace your major traffic and the interest of your followers.

Once you have followed the steps to create a TikTok pro account for yourself. You can always switch between your account and the pro account.

Below are the steps to follow when switching back to your personal account:

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  • How to switch to a personal account on TikTok

There are similar features between the personal and pro account. Whereas the personal account enables you to use any video editing tools the pro account limits you. Also the pro account helps you to trace the videos/contents with enough traffic to show you the interest of your followers.
Follow these steps to switch your account;

  1. Open your TikTok app/ on a web browser. Tap on the three dots on the top right corner.
  2. Under the account section, click on manage my account.
  3. Click on switch to personal account.

Thanks for paying attention to our article. No don’t leave, we’ve got a bonus tip for you.

After following the steps to create a TikTok pro account, how do you drive traffic to your profile?

We have some tips for you to grow your traffic on TikTok.

Get to use trending hashtags. This makes your video visibility very wide to non followers who may end up as followers if you have interesting contents. So know the type of audience you are targeting and the right hashtag to help you reach them.
Create a professional content. After reaching out to as many users on TikTok. What makes you unique? What makes you get their attention and follow? Create professional videos to catch massive attention on TikTok.
Engage in others post. You should be an active user on TikTok not only creating videos and leaving. Try to engage in other peoples post to help you get content idea from similar creators like yourself.
Engage with your followers. Once your followers starting reacting on your post. Try to engage with them. This can be liking their comments, mentioning them or any other way you can get in touch with them.