Electricity is one of the crucial national interventions and provisions that every Ghanaian wishes to enjoy. As it is, hydro-electric power is the country’s major source of electricity. One cannot imagine a country without electricity. From cold water in the fridge to quench one’s thirst to the manufacturing of products from big companies. Electricity therefore is highly patronised by Ghanaians.

In recent times however, there has been frequent hiccups in the supply of electricity to netizens. One will wake up to the glare of inactiveness from his electrical appliances. A push on the switch would eventually affirm the absence of power. Meanwhile, promises by various Governments to curb this unfortunate events have fallen to the wind. Because of the consistency of power outage in the country, the word “dumsor” which means ‘the frequent cut in power whereby lights go off and on’ has been coined into the dictionary by lexicographers.

Ghanaians have mounted pressure on the Government to nib the problem in the bud. decided to interview some Ghanaians to know what they have to say about the phenomenon. “My business is on the verge of collapsing. I spend all my profit in petrol to fuel my generator anytime the power goes off. Sometimes I have to close my shop when I realize I have wasted all my money on petrol. The president must sit up and solve this problem once and for all.”, a trader who supplies frozen foods lamented.

News gathered by Dailysnubs has it that, the minister for Energy, Honourable Matthew Opoku Prempeh, has come out to debunk the claim that the country has rolled back into the ditch of dumsor. He further explained that the recent power outages is temporal. “We are only tightening some loose bolts and maintaining the damaged materials”, he added.

Whether what we are encountering is temporary or not, what we want is for the problem to be fixed once and for all.

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