Ghana will not enforce harsh criminalization of LGBTQ

Ghana will not criminalize LGBTQ like what Uganda did

Speaker Alban Bagbin of Ghana has stated that Ghana will not follow Uganda’s example of passing strict laws against LGBTQ activities.

Uganda has recently made it illegal to practice homosexuality, with offenders facing prosecution and, in some instances, life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

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In response to rumors about an Anti-Gay Bill in Ghana’s parliament, Bagbin has urged the Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee of Parliament to report back to him if they encounter any challenges, but not to be intimidated by anyone regarding the bill.

He stressed the importance of following Ghana’s Constitution, and that any law passed against it would be unconstitutional.

The new law in Uganda has led to concerns about attacks on LGBTQ people. Although homosexuality was already prohibited in Uganda, the new bill adds numerous new criminal offenses.

Those in same-sex relationships could be reported to authorities by friends, family, and community members. The law also criminalizes individuals or institutions that support or fund LGBT rights activities, as well as media groups, journalists, and publishers who publish or distribute pro-gay material.

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The bill includes the death penalty for aggravated homosexuality, such as sexual abuse of a child, a person with a disability, or vulnerable people. Property owners also face the risk of being jailed if their premises are used for homosexual activities or any other sexual minority rights activities.

Amnesty International’s director for East and Southern Africa has called the legislation deeply repressive, and warned that it will institutionalize discrimination, hatred, and prejudice against LGBTQ individuals.

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