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Here Is A Fix If Your iPhone Ear Speaker Is Not Working

Over the years i always hear people complain about the iPhone ear piece, saying the iPhone ear speaker is not working. It is very sad and sometimes annoying if you have to struggle to hear your best pal’s voice on phone. Are you having problems or is your iPhone’s ear speaker not working too?

If your answer is yes then you are at the right place. This article has been written in simple terms and guides to aid you to resolve the iPhone ear speaker problem at hand. Take time to read this article carefully.

A Gentle Fix For You If  iPhone Ear Speaker Is Not Working?

First, make sure you have adjusted the volume of your phone when making calls. Adjusting the volume for calls is different from the phone’s other settings. So make sure your volume is correctly adjusted.
By adjusting the volume make sure the “Your Ring/Silent” switch is moved towards the screen so that the orange color line is not showing.

It is possibly overdue if you haven’t cleaned your iPhone in a while. After adjusting the volume, with the aid of an anti-static brush or a brand new soft toothbrush try cleaning the phone’s speaker and microphone ( mouthpiece ). This can be located one at the topmost part of the screen of your phone, one beneath your phone close to the charging port, and one behind your phone close to the camera lens.
Remember this shouldn’t be done in haste, DO IT GENTLY!

This is a nifty feature on your phone. This however does more harm than good to your device. While its key role is to cancel background noise it can occasionally make your calls wonky.

Steps To Turn Off Noise Cancellation On iPhones: 

  1. Open settings
  2. Look for accessibility and Tap on it
  3. Form the newly open screen, look for Audio/Visual. Tap on it to open
  4. Finally, Turn off the Phones Noise cancellation.

This might not be the solution to your problem. But don’t worry, we are here to aid you to get your problem solved.

Some software difficulties cannot easily be pointed out for a quick solution. So we would advise you to reset all your settings. This method will reset everything on your phone back to the Default/ factory setting. Since your files are saved on iCloud don’t be scared of losing any.

After resetting your device you will have to reset your wallpaper again, set your ringing tone again, and log in to your iCloud again but this is the only price charged to get your phone back to normal.

How To Reset Your Device:

Open setting>> Tap on General >> Tap on Reset iPhone >> Confirm to Reset your device.

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This might not be your solution but might have helped someone else. There are soo many ways to kill a cat, be patient if your problem has not yet been resolved.

If your problem is still not solved don’t panic this is the time to compare your repair options. The Apple Store is always Open to aid you to get what you want. If you have AppleCare+ then you must first take a trip to the Apple Store, first having an appointment.

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This might be the last route to get your iPhone ear speaker back to normal.

Hello, I Can Hear You Now!

Your device ear speaker is back to normal again and you can continue your calls.