discovery of technology


As popularly known, technology is the application of science. The history of technology is the history of the inventions of tools. The discovery of these inventions changed the way of human life, both positively and negatively. Technology evolved and passed through several stages and methods. The primary stone tools were the first, fire and later wheel,were the inventions that changed the economic, social, political and cultural conditions in society.

First of these stages is the pre historic Period. This was before man became literate. Man could not read nor write, so he passed on information to younger generations orally. At this stage, man made stone tools like axe, cleavers etc. Man also made clothes with animal skin.

Then, there is the proto historic period where man learnt to cultivate the land and engage in farming where he grew crops such as yam, maize etc. Man as well ventured into the rearing of animals such as guinea fowls, goats etc. Man engaged in commercial trading and built well-laid houses as he improved in architecture.He made carnals to irrigate his farm.Venturing into these activities made man invent tools to help him make things easier.Bronze stones were used. Man learned to write at this stage. Egyptian civilization was the first to emerge and advance in technology.

Again, Iron age was one of the stages. Man began to use iron tools like axes, hoes etc and iron weapons such as bows and arrows, spears etc. Man started the metal smelting technology. The control of iron sources and resources became a political power.

There’s also the medieval period under the historic period. A lot went on during this period. Technology advanced during this period because of growth in science as a separate branch of study. Several schools were established and dedicated to the task of research in science. The creators of science belong to this period. Laws and theories in biology, chemistry, physics etc were made in this period. Development of technology in weapons changed the military system,printing press revolutionized the spread of knowledge and information.

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Also, the modern stage under the historical period. The new industrial technology based on iron machines running on steam or coal led to large scale production and industry establishment. Cotton production changed into a large enterprise. Steam engine increased the output of coal from the mines. Electricity invention led to transformation in communication, transportation and general living. The change in economic condition of society.

The growth of technology has helped us in modern life. Communication has been made easier and faster through mobile devices irrespective of one’s locatíon around the world.

In education, the internet has become a source of information for the general public. Online courses and e-learning has facilitated teaching and learning.

In the industry growth, machines have been made to do work easier and faster as well as get dangerous works easily done while providing employment.

In the area of agriculcure, hybrid seeds, pesticides, fertilizers etc improves crop yields and ensures early growth of crops.

It’s interesting to see how technology has evolved and it’s numerous benefits despite some harmful impacts. It generally has been and will continue to be advanced to make human life and all living things live a much fulfilling life.