How Much Shatta Wale earn In 2020 amidst covid 19.


In the quest to find out how much most top artiste make from their music career.Questions like How much money did Shatta wale earn in 2020. Despite the covid 19 pandemic. 2 million dollars? Or 4 million dollars? figures you can never guess. Here is a chance to find out.

Shatta Wale earn

After reading this article you may know how much Shatta Wale earned in the year 2020.

We all know how the covid lock-down was and how hard it was to travel outside because government closed borders. No flights in no flights out making it very difficult to make more money in the entertainment industry by traveling or making collaborations.


Statistics done by Yebekagh Media project that Shatta Wale surprisingly made a lot of money from his music. By hosting virtual concerts and a few shows in Ghana. But that’s just a side of his income when it comes to music.

His online social media platforms also made him a lot of money. Platforms like YouTube, Audiomack and others play a part.

They all paid Shatta Wale good money for his music.

In 2020, Shatta Wale uploaded about 110 videos on YouTube all amounting to about 12 million plus views according to yebekagh.com

For about 12 million views, not exactly equal per video. And about $ 3,000 per million views, 12 by $ 3,000 = $ 36,000 amounting to GHS 216,000. Note that this is just an approximation and could even be much more.

An estimated amount of $ 20,000 thus GHS 120,000 has been calculated from his Audiomack and Soundcloud. Well as you can see things are getting pretty interesting. Leaving out the rest of his platforms we can take a look at the few shows he showed up for.

Shatta Wale was said to have charged approximately $ 333,000 in Cedis it’s GHS 2 million for a show at Hohoe, the Peter Awenu show. Other shows Shatta Wale showed up for include Ghana DJ Awards, Black Love, and even some virtual concerts like the Faith Concert. Altogether, with estimated earnings of $ 423,000 thus GHS 2,538,000.

Never think this is an overhyped or exaggerated estimation because this is all in the worst possible case.

$ 36,000 + $ 20,000 + $ 333,000 + $ 423,000 = $ 812,000 (GHS 4,872,000)



Rounding it up, Shatta Wale earn roughly $ 1,000,000 in 2020 from his music career. In Ghana cedis Shatta Wale earned GHS 5,000,000. You can call it 50 billion cedis old currency.

These figures makes me want to put down the career as a writer at dailynubs and get a microphone and some tunes. But i guess we all have what we were made for and we just have to put up the best in it.

Big ups to Shatta Wale Music!


Credit: yebekagh Media

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