How To Block Spam Emails in Gmail

Every day, you open Gmail and you have to delete all the spam you get from random IDs, as well as the newsletters and promotional emails from brands that you never subscribed to.

This can be a tedious process because the flow of spam is endless.

Our inbox often gets cluttered with spam mail and my important emails get lost in this mess. Here are some easy hacks that can help you clear your inbox and keep it spam-free.

Mass report and unsubscribe from spam email

  • Log on to Gmail and select all the spam emails you want to unsubscribe from (make sure that you don’t select any important email ID).
  • Click on the icon at the top and you will be shown the options to ‘Report spam’ or ‘Report spam and unsubscribe’.
  • Go through the list of IDs listed and if there is nothing important shown here, choose the Report spam and unsubscribe options.
  • You will now stop receiving emails from these accounts.

Create filters to detect spam email

  • Open Gmail, click on the search box at the top, and type unsubscribe to list all promotional emails.
  • Select all of these spam emails, but make sure you cross-check once in case there is a newsletter or mail you actually use in there.
  • Click on the three dots at the top and choose Filter messages like these.
  • Now click on the create filter option and choose what you want to do with these emails. You can set the automatic deletion of all spam with the delete it option.
  • You will get a pop-up at the bottom notifying you that a filter has been created. Apart from deleting, you can also choose to filter such emails by applying labels, or marking them as read.

Use a temporary email ID

You are at risk of getting spam mail when you share your primary  Gmail ID on random websites.

Sometimes spam emails may look legitimate, and you might end up clicking on phishing links that could pose a risk to your personal information.

Instead of using your primary Gmail ID on all websites, you can share a temporary one.

  • Visit any website that provides free temporary email IDs, such as
  • Now copy the temporary email address that’s available and use this instead of your actual email ID wherever you like, and you will get the emails here instead of your actual Gmail account.
  • In this way, your primary Gmail account will remain safe and spam-free.