how to transfer youtube channel to new email

Here’s How to Transfer YouTube Channel to New Email

Transferring your YouTube account to another Gmail account or email address seems almost impossible but here is a sweet touch. It is very possible yet only if you know how to go about it. So today we want to take our time and show you how to transfer YouTube channel to another email .

A YouTube channel sounds more like a gold mine especially when you have a lot of subscribers or watch time. Most people would not like to temper with their channel by changing the email associated for fear of losing access. But the catch hear is Google always tries to implement measures that make user experience much more flexible and easier. So they added a way for channel owners to be able to transfer YouTube account to another email.

This can seamlessly be done through a YouTube Brand Account. Now as most of you may not know, a brand account is a channel specifically created for the purpose of managing a brand. This makes it easier to add more channel managers to manage the brand. Through this a channel owner can simply add the new email account and then set it as a manager or owner. Then seven(7) days later you can change the ownership rights of your original email address so that the new one now fully owns the brand channel.

Sounds easy right? Just three steps to transfer your YouTube channel to another email address:

Step 1: Create a new channel via a Brand Account
Step 2: Connect your existing channel to the Brand Account
Final step 3: Transfer ownership of the Brand Account.


Creating a New Brand Channel via a Brand Account

To move your primary YouTube channel between Google accounts, you first need to move it to a Brand Account. Follow these steps to create a Brand Account channel that you can move your primary channel to.

Remember that If you already have a Brand Account channel you want to use, you can skip ahead to step 2. However, please make sure this channel is not already used for another active YouTube channel. If you’re not sure if your channel is already connected to a Brand Account, follow these instructions.

Note: Google will require a series of authentication during this process so stay calm when it keeps asking you to login again and verify.

1. Login to YouTube with the Google account that currently owns the channel.

2. Click the profile image in the top right corner of the screen and then click Settings.

3. Select the Create a new channel link.

4. This will launch the Brand Account creation page. Enter a name for the Brand Account. This is going to be the name your channel takes on after the move. Click Create. To be safe, make sure to give your new brand channel a bit different from your existing channel name just to avoid any errors or mistaking one for the other.

5. Enter a phone number and click Continue to verify the number on the account.

Bam! you now have your Brand Account and its associated channel created. Next you would need connect the existing YouTube channel to he brand account so you can transfer the ownership.


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How to Connect Your Existing Youtube Channel to the Brand Account

Now that you have created a new channel to use as a Brand Account, you need to connect your primary channel to that account. Follow these steps:

1. Click the profile image in the top right corner of the screen and switch back to the channel you want to move to a new email. Please ensure you select the right channel so you don’t move the wrong one!

2. Now click again on the profile image and scroll down the meu and select settings.

3. Now on the left pane, please select advanced settings (usually the last option)

4. Click the Move channel to a Brand Account link.

5. Choose the Brand Account that you want to transfer the channel to and follow the instructions carefully. (You may be asked to delete the created channel that was created with the brand account. Make sure that channel has 0 subscribers. After deleting it your original channel will now appear)

6. Finally click Move Channel to add your main channel to the brand account. (This process may take about 10 minutes to take effect).

Now that the channel is linked to a brand account, you can change the managers of the brand account. Lets go…


Transfer Ownership of the Brand Account to New Email.

Now we want to change the managers for the brand account so we need to select the brand account profile instead.

1. Click on the profile image and select settings again in the menu. (make sure the account profile selected is the brand account, if not select switch account from the menu before the settings)

2. Now on the accounts page, select the Add or remove managers link.

3. Click Manage Permissions.

4. Click the Invite new users icon at the top right corner.

5. Enter the email address of the Google account you want to become the new owner. Click the Choose a role drop-down and select ‘Owner’. Click Invite and the Done.


Now all that is left is to accept the invite from your Gmail account. After the invite is accepted, you would have to wait seven (7) days (As at the time of writing this article) to be able to remove the old email and replace this new email account as the primary owner.

Complete all these steps and after 7 days you would have your YouTube channel safe and sound in another Gmail account. Another perk to it is that you can now add multiple managers to your YouTube channel since it is now a brand channel.

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