I stopped Church 7 years ago because the Pastors and Instrumentalists wanted to sleep with me – Shugatiti

Shugatiti reveals why she stopped going to Church, DailyNubs reports.

Pop Ghanaian nudist and model, Shugatiti, reveals why she decided not to go to church for the past seven years now.

She said her reasons for not going to Church are many but pointed out to the fact that one of the reasons is because  the Instrumentalist and Pastors in the church demanded sex from her.

In an exclusive interview with PulseGhana, she said, ‘It’s been a while since I went to church. The last time I was in the church was seven years or more ago”.

She added, “ The church is one of the places to find favoritism and plenty of sins when Instrumentalists, Pastors and everyone wants to sleep with you”.

Aside from that, if you don’t give, nobody wants to talk to you. The biggest contributor to any fund they raise is the king. Those kinds of things put me off and that’s why I don’t like to go to church,” she said.

Shugatiti revealed her relationship with God is still working despite what the church does to put her off.

Shugatiti also opened up about her dream to have been lawyer until she became a model and video vixen .

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