Is Indomie Bad

Is Indomie Bad or Safe For Your Health.

Is Indomie Bad or Safe To Consume. Find Out Why There are so many Controversies surrounding this scrumptious meal.

No doubt Instant Noodles is one of the most popularly consumed foods across countries especially in Asia and western Africa.But the one question people always ask is Is Indomie Bad ?

Amidst the appraisal there have been concerns about whether or not this Indomie or instant noodles in general is safe for consumption . By the end of this short read you would understand what has lead to this believe and what about it makes it harmful but before that its wise to say, indomie is not really harmful neither is it really healthy.

The Main Discuss

According to medical researches and findings and even clearly Indomie isn’t a balanced diet. It contains very little of the neccessary nutrients and very high of the bad stuff. perhaps the simplest thing to do is compare the composition of one pack and see what your body needs and if your body hates any.

Carefully drafted reasons why Indomie is unsafe to inform you so you can take the final decision yourself

Lets digest two very important points to note:

 Indomie is very low in vitamins, and minerals.

Some may be quick to say that it contains no nutrients at all but actually it does but just in low quantities. This is why the trick is to add substitutes and supplementary to balance the nutrient equation. This is very important because If you cant remove the bad in it. Then at-least you can add more good to make your meal rich in nutrients hence healthy. Adding some vegetables and more of it would suffice at least as well as the choice of oils added and protein and calcium from eggs or meat makes it a done deal .

Indomie has high sodium and carbohydrates concentration. Sodium as you may already know is literally what we all call table salt. People with hypertension could aggravate their problems by consuming in large quantities which contributes to poor blood pressure. Moreover it is a bad idea to add salt (sodium) to something that already contains sodium. Individuals trying to lose weight or burn more calories cannot afford to be addicted to the regular consumption. It has to be occasional, delicious no doubt but people must eat in small quantities.

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Final Verdict:

So far, no reliable scientific research shows any definite medical harm [as at the time of writing this article]. There are myths surrounding the additives such as the chili or flavoring powder but the truth is there are no harmful additives or preservatives. The flavoring powder or Chili powder and oil is safe. Indomie doesn’t in any way cause cancer. It doesn’t make people sick unless ofcourse you have personal allergies.

However, I would advise that you do not make it a habit to eat since it is processed food. Why not cling to a more natural and wholesome well prepared dish instead. Well The Choice is yours.

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