Is School Really The Key To Success?

Is School Really The Key? This question is seems like a tough one. A category of people may be able to answer it easily with more proof to buttress their points. But for the lot, who haven’t reached the stage of enjoying what seems to be the benefit of school, this is a debate. One that requires a lot of of understanding and focus on the central idea behind school itself.


The Oxford dictionary simply defines school as a place where children go to be educated. Maybe a more in-depth explanation is a place where people go to learn. It could be creche, Montessori , Primary, Senior high or any other place where we go to learn something.


But then again we need to really understand the purpose of going to school. We all remember how our parents used to motivate us to go to school and learn. Inspiring us with promises of becoming someone great in future. maybe a doctor, a nurse or even the President. No doubt School has been of help in the process of becoming someone great. Given that it was this same school that taught us the little basic things we know now. Like the English we speak, even though it is not our language. The courtesy and traits we picked up as we socialized with our peers. How we respond to pressure, how we react to problems and many other stuff we learnt as kids. It is safe to say that School is indeed important.

School in itself goes way beyond just primary or the young stages in Montessori , If school is a place where we go to learn and educate ourselves then it sure includes the big institutions and universities scattered across the city. We all attest to the fact that it is trough these institutions we get qualifications to be able to work. But then does that simply make us successful? does passing through the fences of school , acquiring all the knowledge make you accomplished? . Well If your answer is doubtful then Lets try to understand what success is.



Again, The Oxford advanced dictionary defines Success as the fact that you have achieved something that you want and have been trying to do or get. This is simple enough. The fact that you have accomplished or achieved something that you want means there should be an aim or you must have set a target for yourself. If there is no aim or objective then i don’t think you can say you have been successful and particularly through school.

Mr Brown at his young age and in his primary school days always thought of becoming a chemist. To provide the best of solutions to ailments and health complications with his Chemical drugs manufacturing Company.Mr Brown with this mentality went through school, completed earned the qualification. Driven with passion Mr Brown set up his company and now it is one of the best in the country. Yes Mr Brown is Successful and Thanks to School. But then Mr Simeon always had passion for football from his young school days. He wasn’t so much into books. Mr Simeon drops out. Joins the Football academy in his neighborhood and does so well he is picked into a junior team of a football club overseas. Mr Simeon through his passion becomes one of the top players as he joins the senior team of his football club. Yes Mr Simeon is Successful.


Mr Simeon is now a top player and earning what he wants to earn but then there is a slight problem. Mr Simeon is bad at English and Calculation. Who’s fault is it?. There is a phrase that says there are a million ways to kill a cat. Just the same way there could be a million ways to be successful. but education will always be a major factor. Given that education is not limited to going to learn in a specific place or school. A person can get educated almost anywhere. So lets say as young mr simeons wanted to play football then it means He could have had some education even while he was out of school. And at this point where he is successful in his career but lacks some definitive traits. It means education/school would have been of help to him.

Education Could Be Key.

With these two scenarios, I think we better understand what success is and what channels we pass through matter most. Maybe school isn’t the key but Education surely is. and When i say education i dont just mean academic learning. It could be industrial, even psychological or even through the mistakes we make and how we learn from it. The bottom line is there is always a second party involved in the education process and its critical we choose the best so we don’t get the wrong education.

Involve education in whatever plan you make to be successful.