Kennedy Agyapong threatens to fire workers at Net 2 over 15mins Ad before his show.

Hon.Kennedy not happy with his employees at Net 2, DailyNubs reports.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, the MP for Assin Central and business mogul goes hard on employees at his Tv station, Net 2.

It all began when the MP lambasted about being kept waiting for 15 mins while his show was in session.

For him, the 15 mins of Ads is too much especially when there’s a guest on a show.

He says, “How can you expect me to manage everything? When there are workers here? What then is your purpose if I’m to lecture you on how to do your job well?”.

Expressing his disappointment to the matter, the principle politician added, “rbis is a foolish act, what kind of nonsense is that? I’ve been sitting here all this time and all you did is show a 15mins advert?”

“Which Tv station will load lot of adverts while there is or are panelists on a show?” He quizzed.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong is worried because viewers may not want to come back to watch the show if they’re caught by an interesting show from other Television stations.

Watch Full Video for a deeper understanding of the matter.

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