LocQar App and Services Review

We all know that traditional Delivery Services are becoming more and more popular. What’s exciting about this service is that it not only helps save time but also saves you money! The problem for some people, however, is that they’re not sure if their Packages will be safe. Find out how to register for locqar and use the Locqar app and Services, so you too can enjoy the benefits of car sharing!

What is locQar

LocQar is the first smart locker service of it kind in the world. We make it easy to pick up your online orders in one place. Simple, safe, and convenient deliveries are our number one goal. We provide a parcel pick-up solution via smart lockers. Our smart lockers are accessible to anyone who uses our services. Whether you are a small business owner, eCommerce supplier, or an individual, our smart lockers simplify buying and selling online.
The current address system in Africa makes it difficult to impossible to receive or ship your items at your preferred location. For business owners, this makes it incredibly difficult to expand, as brick and mortar stores are becoming increasingly rare.

How to Register for locQar

locqar is a free app that makes locating, accessing and paying for Packages quick and easy. locqar helps Indiviaduals and Businesses find the best available Drop off and Pickup spots in advance by analyzing historical data from local authorities and the inadequate Address System in Ghana. The locqar app provides current information on wait times, directions to the nearest space, contact information for the Pick up individual, and much more.

  1. On your Phone Visit the Andriod Playstore or Apple Appstore
  2. Type Locqar App
  3. Download and Install the Application
  4. Click on Register to begin the Signup Process
  5. Enter your Contact Information [ FULL NAME, EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER, PASSWORD]
  6. Confirm the Password
  7. Agree to the Term and Conditions
  8. A one time OTP Verification Code would be sent to your number
  9. Verify the Code and Voila!


How locQar Works

Locqar is an easy-to-use app that takes the stress out of waiting for a Client or Person. To use locqar, download the app, register with the app, or Text them on Whatapp to enjoy their Services.

  1. Launch the App and Login
  2. Choose your Preferred Service [DROPOFF PARCELPICK UP PARCEL]
  3. Select the Location, Box Size[ Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L)]
  4. Take a Clear Image of the Item by Allowing access to your Camera and Click on Continue
  5. Enter Receiver’s Phone Number and Confirm it.
  6. Click on Continue
  7.  Congratulation, your PIN would be sent to your Phone (It is going to allow you access to a Randon box at the Station)
  8. After you successfully Drop off your Parcel a PIN code will be sent to the Receiver to Pick Up the Item. It’s that simple.


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What are the Benefits of locQar

locqar is an app that allows Businesses or Individual to save time waiting for a client of Person to give an item to them. It also has a feature that allows you to easily send or Receive and Item without having to Waste time waiting on a package to be delivered to you by an individual who might probably be late which can be Stressful. The locqar app will allow you to Know when a Package has been Dropped Off or Picked Up by the Receive.

  • 24/7 Pickup Service
  • Cheaper & Reliable Service
  • Increase In Total Addressable Market
  • Increases Productivity
  • Time Management
  • Improve Transaction between Businesses and their Clients
  • Convenient and Safer then the traditional delivery services
  • Your Packages are Insured up to a 100 percent.
  • Enjoy convenient, quality, and safe pick up and drop off service, with LocQar.


How to Use the locQar Whatsapp Platform

To use the locqar app, you can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play. It doesn’t require a monthly subscription and offers a guarantee of service.

  1. Save the LocQar Official Whatapp Number { +233 551399222}
  2. Send Hi
  3. The Auto Response System will Reply with and Option to choose the Prefered Service.
  4. Simply Click on it and Add the Receiver’s Number
  5. Re- Enter the Receiver’s Number to Confirm it
  6. Choose the Location of Chose
  7. Select the Box Size and Voila!
  8. You will Receive a PIN Code to Access the Box at the Station.

Why Choose LocQar?

When you use our services, you are joining a revolution. Whether you are picking up items from our lockers or dropping them off, we make sure your items arrive on-time and in pristine condition. Our white-glove service supports businesses and individuals throughout Africa.

LocQar Products and Services

Pic ‘N’ Go
Pick ‘N’ Pay

LocQar Current Available Locations

  • Accra Mall
  • Achimota Mall
  • Weija China Mall
  • Junction Mall
  • Westhills Mall
  • Kotoka International Airport

Technology Behind LocQar

  • Mobile Phones plus Intelligent Integrations
  • Payment/ Utilization. Reputation Tracking
  • Patent Pending System Design
  • Fully Solar and Cloud Powered

LocQar Contact Details

  • +233551399333
  • +233551399222
  • Info@locqar.com
  • Partnership@locqar.com
  • Services@locqar.com
  • https://www.instagram.com/locqar
  • https://facebook.com/locqar


The locqar app is available to download at the Apple App Store and Google Play store. The registration process is quite straightforward with no hidden costs or terms and conditions. Note: It’s currently free of Charge for now, there might be a Service Charge in Future from 5gh- 40gh. Hurray Up and Enjoy the Services now. Save time by using this Services.

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