Lionel Messi First Red Card At Barcelona

Lionel Messi receives first ever Red card ever in his successful career at Barcelona FC after punching opponent in Supercopa de Espana(super cup final)

Messi first red card at barcelona
[ Lionel Messi First Red Card At Barcelona ]

Until the 17th of January Lionel Messi had received only two Red card in his entire professional Career.Yes just two and all being international and while playing for Argentina.You shouldn’t be surprised at all as you know how ideal the football star is.

Lionel Messi Receive First Red card in his first international debut for Argentina senior team. That was against Hungary in 2005, August 17. He only lasted about a minute until an opponent held his shirt and Messi tried to released himself. The referee upon scrutinizing the situation gave Messi a straight red card leaving him in dismay.
He was only 18 and wearing his number 18 jersey and he didn’t even last a minute.That incident must have been very sad.
This event was deemed unfair hence wasn’t recognized as a true red card but hey this is football.


His second red card was in 2019, a Copa America match between Argentina and Chile. A struggle that ensued between Messi and Medel to get possession of the ball. Messi had his hand in the hair as Medel pushes him over and over again indicating that hes not going to react but yet still the referee gives him a red after Medel falls on the pitch. The referee didn’t even check VAR making this whole scene unfair.

This makes it 2 undeserved red cards in his entire career in International team.

Nobody loves losing but nobody loves a sore loser even more. On Sunday, January 17, the whole world witnessed the Super Cup finals.

During the extra time of the much anticipated final match between these Barcelona and Athletico. With Barca trailing behind Bilbao 3-2 during the extra time. The Referee showed Messi a red card , following a VAR review, after it seemed that out of frustration he had hit his opponent Asier Villalibre on his head in what appeared to be an off the ball accident.


In all his career, Messi has only three (3) red cards. Messi had declared his intention on leaving Barca last summer but ended up staying. Even though he is out of contract this year, there is no doubt that this amazing captain will leave Spain this year after such a not so amazing performance. And If he does He leaves with just 3.


Credit: Dailynubs


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