List Of Football Clubs To Quit UEFA Champoins League and Join European Super League

The Super League In Details

Shortly before midnight on the 18th of April, 12 European clubs released a joint statement that threatens to change football forever. It announced a break from UEFA and the intention to join a new mid-week super league. At the heart of the super league are 12 founding clubs who will have permanent membership; Man United, Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Arsenal (all from England), Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid (all from Spain), Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan (all from Italy).

Clubs from France and Germany, mostly Bayern Munich and PSG have rejected the opportunity to take part and have stated their opposition to the break away. This 12 clubs who are committed are however will be eventually joined by 3 other members and those 15 teams will collectively receive 3.5BN Euros for joining. It was revealed by Reuters that JP Morgan, the US iinvestmentbank, would be providing the initial funding for the league. Outside the permanent 15 members, 5 other teams will enter the league annually via a qualifying mechanism based on achievements in the prior season. And together those 20 teams will be sorted into 2 groups of 10 with 4 teams from each qualifying for a 2 decade quarter final stage. It isn’t known who and how the super league will be broadcasted.

And the new super league have a well defined structure comprising of some of the most powerful men in the world of football; Real Madrid’s Florentina Perez will be chairman and will be supported by 4 vice- chairmen; Joel Glazer (Man United), John Henry (Liverpool), Stan Kroenke(Arsenal) and Andrea Agnelli (Juventus).

Of course also the reaction to this has been venomous. Before the official announcement was made, UEFA released their own statement in conjunction with the English Football Association, the Spanish and Italian Football Federations, and Serie A – Promising a judicial fight and the pursuit of a ban for the participating clubs from all other competitions at “Domestic European and World Level”. So well the super league is intended to fill the midweek calendar slots occupied by the champions league participation may prevent the teams from taking part in the competitions including their own domestic leagues

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