Manasseh DELETES Follower’s Comment – CULTURE OF SILENCE

As a champion of a campaign against a seeming culture of silence under this government of Ghana led by Nana Akufo-Addo, Manasseh Azure Awuni was the least expected to delete a comment decently expressing legitimate views on his Facebook post of The Fourth Estate’s “Darkness In a Lighthouse” series that has been exposing alleged abuse of those at the very top of the hierarchy of the Lighthouse Chapel International.

Practicing What He Does not Preach

It seems Manasseh is just a mere ‘preacher’ of what he decides not to practice on occasions that are of convenience to him, yet he serves as a supervisor (Editor-In-Chief) at the media firm (The Fourth Estate) that is on a course to “tarnish” the highly-placed reputation of a Preacher of the Gospel who, as of the time of publishing this article, has dignified himself by not responding to the accusations that Manasseh and his team have gathered from supposed victims (former pastors and bishops under Dag Heward Mills) of the abuses.

would u actively have spread this had it been your pastor Mensa Otabil ???

– Nana Obeng-Darfour

On 29 April 2021, Manasseh shared a link to the third part of the series about these abuses, on his personal Facebook account. This part of the series was titled “Darkness in a Lighthouse: Pastors recount abuse and trauma (Pt. 3)”. In the comments section of his Facebook post was a comment by one Nana Obeng-Darfour that questioned Manasseh’s integrity: “Why have you deleted my comment Manasseh Azure Awuni … ?? Don[‘]t be hypocritical…” The said Obeng-Darfour continued by expressing admiration of Manasseh as a journalist but was clearly disappointed at the journalist who has been so critical about culture of silence.

Nana Obeng-Darfour's comment complaining of an unfair deletion by Manasseh
Nana Obeng-Darfour’s comment complaining of an unfair deletion by Manasseh Azure Awuni of an earlier comment on Manasseh’s post on Facebook

Media Foundation for West Africa

It is of essence to note that, in an earlier post by Manasseh, Manasseh had shared a statement, on the issue of culture of silence, by his boss, Sulemana Braimah who is executive Director of the Media Foundation for West Africa, the organization that operates The Fourth Estate. Why, then, did Manasseh not allow the comment to stay put under his post, since he and and his organisation parade themselves as anti-Culture-of-Silence crusaders?

Manasseh Azure Awuni, Editor-In-Chief of The Fourth Estate
Manasseh Azure Awuni, Editor-In-Chief of The Fourth Estate

Another Deletion?

Obeng-Darfour continued in his comment on Manasseh’s post, “…[because] I genuinely admire [you] as one of  the few young journalists in this country with integrity.  I’m asking [you] once again… would [you] actively have spread this had it been your pastor Mensa Otabil ??? smh…Let God be true!!!”. Obeng Darfour’s comment gained some traction in the form of likes and replies, but as at the time of preparing this article, the comment was nowhere to be found under Manasseh’s post! A second deletion??

The Daily Nubs team decided to probe further to make sure. The team has exhaustively gone through the comment section under Manasseh’s Facebook post, and we can confirm that a second deletion by Manasseh of Nana Obeng-Darfour’s comment has been occasioned. We are making efforts to contact Nana Obeng-Darfour on this suspected suppression of free speech by this journalist of ‘integrity’ who preaches against culture of silence, and we will update you in a subsequent post.

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