Music Education and Business Development: Apprise Music Distribution’s Ongoing Efforts Extends to the University of Education, Winneba

Apprise Music at Winneba

A successful music business seminar was recently organized at the University of Education, Winneba by Apprise Music Distribution, a renowned music distribution organization. Massive participation and engagement from both students and instructors were evident during the seminar, which had as its focus the distribution and promotion of music.

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The participants, who showed up in more significant numbers than expected, found the event to be a valuable resource. Numerous subjects pertaining to music dissemination and its dynamics were explored throughout the session. How artists and rights holders might increase their profits in connection to the multiple music exploitation media was one of the major subjects covered during the discussion. Included in these were mechanical, publishing, and distribution royalties for music.

The presentation also looked at how a record company and a music distributor differ in terms of what they do. Participants received information on the prerequisites for music distribution and promotion. The conversations were interesting, lively, and enlightening.


The CEO of Apprise Music Distribution, Mr. Michael Bamfo, was ecstatic by the attendees’ participation and attendance. He stated that the business was dedicated to supporting the nation’s economic growth and music education. He continued by saying that the seminar was a fantastic chance to educate and mentor the upcoming generation of music business experts.

The attendees expressed their delight with the session and noted that it gave them useful information about how the music business operates. They commended the presenters for their in-depth subject knowledge and acknowledged Apprise Music Distribution for planning the event.

Michael Bamfo

The Director of Communication and Marketing at Apprise Music Distribution, Mr. Richard Sumah, was one of the seminar’s resource people and presenters—Grace Nyele, manager of operations, and Tinu Adaaja, manager of artists and labels.

Part of Apprise Music Distribution’s continued initiatives to assist the expansion and development of the nation’s music industry is the seminar on the business of music, which was a great success. To advance music education and corporate growth, the company intends to host related events in the future.

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Apprise Music Team

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