“I’ll only repost empowering content, not videos of girls twerking” – Spyro.

Spyro, a fast-rising Nigerian singer, recently took to social media to ask his fans to refrain from sending him lewd and inappropriate videos. The artist, known for his hit song “Who’s Your Guy,” stated that he does not view or repost videos that contain scenes of girls twerking or wearing revealing clothing.

In a message on his Instagram story, Spyro, who often talks about his love for Jesus, asked his supporters to send him decent clips of them enjoying his single. He wrote, “I do not repost twerk videos and those that reveal too much skin. So please help me try and make your videos decent and clean so I can repost. Thank you for understanding.”


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This plea from Spyro comes at a time when many celebrities and public figures are taking a stand against the objectification of women and the normalization of sexually explicit content on social media.

By setting this standard for his own platforms, Spyro is sending a message that he values his female fans and does not want to perpetuate harmful stereotypes.

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It is important for public figures to use their platforms responsibly and set a positive example for their followers. By speaking out against inappropriate content and promoting decency and respect, Spyro is showing that he takes his role as a role model seriously.

In conclusion, Spyro’s request for decent and clean videos is a step towards creating a safer and more respectful online community. As fans, we should heed his call and think twice before sharing content that could be harmful or offensive.

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