I’m Doing Music With Passion, I Don’t Care If People Listen To Me – Efia Odo Emphasizes Her Unwavering Commitment

In a recent interview with MzGee, Ghanaian actress and musician, Andrea Owusu, also known as Efia Odo, expressed her unwavering commitment to her passion for music. She shared that she is not bothered by whether or not Ghanaians like her music, as she is motivated solely by her love for creating it.

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She stated that if some Ghanaians do not consider her a musician, it does not matter because there will always be others who will appreciate her work.

Efia Odo emphasized that success in the entertainment industry requires hard work, patience, and dedication. She cited the example of YouTube influencer Kwadwo Sheldon, who started with small views but gradually built up his audience over time.

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Efia Odo believes that success is a gradual process and not something that can be achieved overnight.

Furthermore, Efia Odo mentioned that some musicians in Ghana have been recording music for years without getting significant views on YouTube. She attributes this to the fact that success is not guaranteed, and it is up to the individual to put in the effort to achieve it.

In conclusion, Efia Odo’s approach to her music career is one of passion and dedication, rather than a desire for fame or popularity. She believes that success is a gradual process that requires hard work and patience, and that even if some Ghanaians do not appreciate her music, there will always be others who will.

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