Money Will Be Showered On You At An Event And The Event Organiser Will Take Everything – Moses OK Decries the Exploitation

During a recent interview on Adom FM, Ghanaian gospel artist Moses Osei Kwarteng, also known as Moses OK, shared candidly about the struggles he faced during the early days of his career.

Moses OK revealed that there was a time when the gospel music business in Ghana was not very lucrative, and as a result, he was often paid very little for his performances. He cited an example of receiving only GH50 for traveling from Kumasi to Tema to perform at a show.

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Moses OK spoke about the challenges he encountered during his peak, including being underpaid for his performances. He lamented the fact that during his concerts, some people would offer him money, but the event coordinators would take it all, leaving him with little to show for his efforts.

Recalling a particular performance in Tema, Moses OK explained how a Kumasi native had invited him to perform at a show. Despite the fact that transport was not that expensive back then, he was only given GH50 for transportation.

He went on to describe how after the show, the same person gave him GH50, which left him with very little to take home. He even became ill in the automobile due to the way he had to minister during the performance.

Moses OK’s story sheds light on the challenges faced by gospel musicians in Ghana during the early days of the industry. Despite the struggles, Moses OK persevered and continued to work hard, eventually becoming a seasoned gospel artist.

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His story serves as an inspiration to young musicians who may be facing similar challenges and reminds them to remain steadfast in their pursuit of their dreams.

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