Disaster in waiting as loaded gas tanker which fell on its side at Duampompo remains unattended to after a week, posing an IMPENDING threat to residents.

The residents of Duampompo, located in the Juaben municipality of the Ashanti Region in Ghana, are in a state of fear following an accident involving a Burkinabe-bound gas tanker. The authorities have been unable to discharge the gas from the tanker, and residents have been forced to leave their homes for the past week.

They have also been instructed not to prepare any naked fires near the area. The gas tank is lying on its side, abandoned and posing a potential danger to the residents.

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The situation has created an uneasy calm among the residents who fear for their lives. They describe the tanker as a disaster waiting to happen, and with good reason. A similar situation destroyed an entire town in the past, and the residents fear that this small community could face the same fate.

The Unit Committee Chairman, Richard Darko, expressed his concern during an interview with JoyNews. He said that residents have started leaving their homes for fear of a possible gas explosion.

Among those leaving the community is a medical doctor, Benjamin Adubufuor, whose residence is only a few meters away from the dislodged gas tank. He spoke of the difficulty of finding a place for his whole family, considering the harsh economic situation.

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Elder Festus Duah, another resident, pointed out that his house and the gas tank are separated only by the main Kumasi-Accra road. He has had sleepless nights over the continued presence of the tank, and he cannot sleep with his family because he fears for their safety.

The Ghana National Fire Service has asked residents to self-evacuate and avoid setting any naked fires to prevent a possible explosion. Fire Service officials say that there is currently no leakage, but they are monitoring the temperature of the tank and applying coolants to prevent a possible explosion.

The Municipal Fire Command is exploring possible options after several failed attempts to get the Burkinabe driver to evacuate the liquefied petroleum gas tank.

Until the gas tanker is removed, the residents of Duampompo will continue to live in fear. The authorities must act quickly to avoid a potential disaster and ensure the safety of the residents.

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