Anyone Who Wants To Fully Embrace Me In His/Her Life Must Accept My Housekeeper Too – Kuami Eugene

Kuami Eugene, the contemporary highlife artist, has developed an exceptional relationship with his housekeeper, Mary. He admires her so much that he considers her to be his sister and looks up to her.

He describes her as someone who takes extremely good care of him, just like his mother did. In fact, his mother has also developed a fondness for Mary because of the care she provides for him.

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During an interview with Sika Osei on Lynx TV, the Lynx Entertainment signee shared that everyone around him, including his family, is aware of the strong bond he shares with his maid. He further added that he has employed several people in the past, but no one has lasted as long as Mary has.

Kuami Eugene holds Mary in such high regard that he requires anyone who enters his life to accept her as well. However, their close relationship has led some to assume that they are romantically involved.

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It is rare to find such a strong bond between an employer and their housekeeper. The relationship between Kuami Eugene and Mary is indeed special and demonstrates the importance of valuing the people who take care of us. It is a beautiful thing to see that Mary has become more than just an employee to Kuami Eugene but a cherished member of his family.

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