I can’t manage a female artiste; we might have an INAPPROPRIATE $ex – Bullgod

During a recent interview with Sika Osei on ‘Stripped by Sika Osei’, artist manager Hanson Nana Asiamah, widely known as Bulldog, shared his reasons for not managing female artists.

The seasoned artist manager, who has had a successful career managing male artists, revealed that he refrains from managing female artists due to the risk of getting romantically involved with them.

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Bulldog believes that the relationship between a female artist and her manager can quickly turn into an affair that can be detrimental to the business aspect of their partnership. He further elaborated that while he would not forcefully initiate anything, the possibility of feelings developing over time is high.

He cited an example of the relationship between former artist Becca and her ex-manager  Kiki Banson, which he claims he knew about before it became public knowledge.

Bulldog’s stance on managing female artists has drawn criticism from some quarters, with some labeling his statements as sexist and unprofessional. However, Bulldog argues that his approach is pragmatic and aimed at protecting the business interests of his clients.

He believes that the music industry is fraught with many challenges, and the last thing an artist needs is to get entangled in a romantic relationship with their manager.

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In conclusion, Bulldog’s views on managing female artists are rooted in his experience as an artist manager and the challenges that come with the industry. While some may find his approach unorthodox, he believes that it is better to err on the side of caution and avoid situations that may compromise the business aspect of his clients’ careers.

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