STRYKE Tv Series Now Goes Digital.

The most anticipated movie series after YOLO, dubbed Stryke now goes digital. Giving the chance to stream on your digital devices over the internet . You can now watch the sitcom by downloading from the Farmhouse movie app on play store. Or simply subscribe on Amazon Prime to enjoy this hilarious thriller.

Speaking at the media launch,The Director and Producer for series, Mr. Ivan Quashigah said his outfit focus on bringing out quality creative content that all movie lovers would enjoy.

He added that they decided to go digital with this particular series. Considering factors like the funding of such quality productions.

“The global movie industry is changing with various streaming platforms, so we felt the future of Ghana is in the digital world.

“So during the production of these series we thought about mechanism that would enable the continued production of such series without any breaks. And also getting our viewers contributing to production. So that is the main reason we decided to go digital,”

he stated.

The series has some enthralling young characters and veteran Ghanaian actors who would thrill movie loving fans.

Some interesting characters include veteran actor Rev. Benjamin Adalete, Aaron Adatsi ”Cyril” in YOLO. Priscilla Opoku Agyemang popularly known as “Ahoufe Patri”. Mariam Owusu Poku, Jason Edwards, and many others.

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The synopsis of the “Stryke” series talks about how Jimmy (Cyril in YOLO) an unemployed graduate. After so many failed job applications,he settles for the job of a driver with Mr. Williamson. One of the wealthiest men in the city in order to cater for his ailing mother and his little sister who is preparing for her junior high school final exams.

Jimmy is assigned to chauffeur Sarah, Mr Williamson’s only daughter and drive her to where she needs to. However he develops feelings for her. Yet he believes he doesn’t stand a chance of dating her due to the gap in their social standing.

The new series premiered exclusively on Producing exciting series which includes the most watched and popular Ghanaian TV series like “You Only Live Once” (YOLO), “Things We Do For Love”, among others over the years since 2006.

Credit: Farmhouse Productions

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