Exposé: How sex workers ingeniously sell clients’ sperm to ‘big men’ for rituals

A recent media report has shed light on a disturbing practice within the sex industry in Ghana, where sex workers are clandestinely selling the sperm of their clients to the highest bidder. The practice involves collecting the sperm in condoms after sexual intercourse and carrying them away for sale to buyers at exorbitant fees.

The report by TV3 highlights how these sex workers have formed liaisons with hotel workers to ensure a steady supply of these biological materials. They claim that wealthy clients are willing to pay a premium for these droplets of sperm, and as a result, sex workers have made it their business to always collect them after each encounter.

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The illegal trade of sperm is a devilish act that preys on the ignorance of the public. Buyers purchase these droplets of sperm for supposed ritualistic purposes, often under the guise of obtaining fertility or good fortune.

However, the reality is that these buyers are being duped, as there is no scientific basis to support these claims.

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The commercial sex work industry is already illegal in Ghana, but the sale of sperm is an even more egregious crime. This practice exploits the vulnerability of the clients, who may not be aware that their sperm is being sold for profit.

Moreover, it reinforces the negative stereotypes associated with the sex industry, casting a shadow on the legitimate work of sex workers who do not engage in such criminal activities.

In conclusion, the practice of sex workers selling the sperm of their clients is a heinous and criminal act. It exploits the ignorance and vulnerability of the public, perpetuates negative stereotypes about the sex industry, and reinforces the need for stricter enforcement of laws regulating commercial sex work in Ghana.

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