Friends-turn-enemies: John Dumelo emphatically says his best man Fred Nuamah is no longer his friend, reveals why.

The once-strong friendship between John Dumelo and Fred Nuamah is now experiencing deep cracks as the two have publicly called each other out for betrayal. Fred Nuamah, who was John Dumelo’s best man at his wedding, has been a good friend and colleague of John’s in the film industry for many years.

As a film director and producer, Fred and John have shared a deep camaraderie, which makes their current situation quite surprising.

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John Dumelo has come out to state that he no longer considers Fred Nuamah as his friend. According to John, their long-term friendship came to an abrupt end just a few weeks ago after Fred Nuamah allegedly betrayed him.

John Dumelo explained that he felt betrayed after Fred Nuamah stabbed him in the back by deciding to contest the Aywaso West parliamentary primaries with him. John made it clear that he had already expressed his intentions to run for that seat, and he did not understand why Fred would decide to compete with him.

John Dumelo has stated that he never asked Fred Nuamah to contest the Ayawaso West primaries and that he had not given him his blessings. John Dumelo is looking forward to winning the Ayawasi West Wuogon constituency parliamentary seat in 2024, but he must first overcome the hurdle of the fallout with Fred Nuamah.

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The dissolution of John Dumelo and Fred Nuamah’s friendship is quite unfortunate, considering the deep bond they shared in the past. However, such is life, and friendships do fall apart sometimes.

We hope that John and Fred can resolve their differences amicably and continue to make great strides in the film industry.

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