Idris Elba Hails Abraham Attah From Beast of No Nation

Abraham Attah from Ghana in recent times has received acclamations from the multi-award-winning English actor Idris Elba for his outstanding performance in the 2015 film Beasts of No Nation.

In an interview with Kumasi-based Opemsuo FM, Idris Elba expressed his pride in Abraham Attah for becoming the tenacious and accomplished actor he is today.

He continued by saying that when he first watched the film, he cried a little bit because he was so moved by Abraham Attah’s talent and since the film has a depressing premise.

Idris Elba went on to say that the film Beasts of No Nation had opened his eyes to the vast possibilities of the African continent.

There are many talents that need to be unlocked on significant screens and platforms, whether they are from Sierra Leone, Ghana, or Cote D’Ivoire, he continued.

Also, Idris Elba was earlier seen filming a movie in a remote area of Ghana, according to sources with InsideFuss. When a Ghanaian fan saw him in the vicinity, he recorded a video and eagerly uploaded it to his TikTok profile.

Although the TikToker withheld the neighbourhood’s name from the video, the details indicate that it was a Muslim neighborhood. Ghanaians have demonstrated their enthusiasm as they wait for the movie to be released.

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