If You Want to See Where Ghana Is Going, Let’s Look At The Young People – Kafui Dey

During an interview with host Daniel Dadson on Rainbow Entertainment, Ghanaian journalist Kafui Dey discussed the current state of the music industry in Ghana.

He expressed his concern that Ghanaian musicians have moved away from singing about socially conscious issues like climate change and injustice, and instead are now fixated on money and romantic relationships.

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Dey questioned why songwriters aren’t motivated to create music that promotes social awareness of problems and injustices. He highlighted that the media we consume shapes the way we think and that other countries have restrictive immigration laws while Ghana has more liberal ones.

He suggested that observing the behavior of the current generation of young people could help us understand the direction the nation is heading.

According to Dey, Ghana is moving towards a culture where material possessions and physical pleasure are prioritized over social and environmental concerns. He believes that artists should take more responsibility for promoting social awareness and encouraging positive change.

He mentioned that  Reggae musicians often sing about conscious topics such as justice and equal rights and urged Ghanaian artists to follow suit.

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Dey concluded by calling on Ghanaian musicians to broaden their subject matter beyond sex and money. He suggested that they could use their platform to raise awareness of important issues such as climate change, social injustice, and equal rights. By doing so, they could inspire positive change and help shape the future of the nation



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