Men are not ATM machines, stop bothering them with financial issues – Nigerian musician Eva Alordiah advocates for self-reliance.

Nigerian rapper Eva Alordiah has recently taken to Twitter to urge women to stop relying on their relationships for financial support and instead, find work. In a post, she expressed that men are not automatic teller machines (ATMs) and that women should not count on them to provide for their financial needs.

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Alordiah advised women to date men because they enjoy exploring life with them and not to extort money or other material goods. She explained that women should not weigh the value of people based on their financial status and that money is just a physical thing that should not be the only basis for a relationship.

She went on to say that men are providers, but only for their wives, and not for every woman they come across. If a man has not married a woman, he should intentionally and of his own volition choose to fulfill the duty of a provider to her.

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In conclusion, Alordiah encouraged women to get a job or start a business instead of depending on their relationships for financial support. She emphasized the importance of going deeper than money and focusing on meaningful connections and shared experiences in relationships.

Alordiah’s message promotes self-reliance and encourages women to prioritize their own financial independence. It also highlights the importance of meaningful connections and the fact that financial status should not be the only basis for a relationship.

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