Once a man pays your bride price, he has completely paid for your life.

A Nigerian marriage counselor, Jane Chukwu, has sparked controversy on social media following her claims that a woman’s life is tied to the bride price paid by her husband. In a Facebook post, Chukwu advised women on how to keep a marriage, disregarding the modern-day notions of enlightenment and feminism.

She argued that once a man pays a woman’s bride price, he has complete ownership over her life. Therefore, a woman should please her husband all the days of his life.

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Chukwu’s statement has elicited mixed reactions on social media, with some criticizing her views as outdated and sexist. Others have argued that marriage is built on a relationship and should not be based solely on materialistic transactions.

The controversy highlights the ongoing debate over the role of bride price in Nigerian culture. In some traditional societies, bride price is seen as a symbolic gesture of gratitude and respect from the groom’s family to the bride’s family. However, critics argue that it reinforces patriarchal norms and places undue pressure on women to conform to their husband’s wishes.

Chukwu’s statement also raises questions about the role of women in Nigerian society and their autonomy within marriage. While some may argue that a woman’s life is tied to her husband’s, others believe that women should be treated as equal partners in a marriage, with their own agency and autonomy.

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Ultimately, the controversy surrounding Chukwu’s statement underscores the need for ongoing discussions around gender roles and marriage in Nigerian society. As the country continues to evolve and change, it is important to critically examine traditional practices and norms, and to promote more inclusive and equitable attitudes towards women.

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