If The President Was From Your Party, Will You Make Him Cancel The Independence Celebration – Mr. Logic Asks John Dumelo

Emmanuel Barnes, also known as “Mr. Logic,” a well-known entertainment pundit, producer, and songwriter, has criticized actor-turned-politician John Dumelo for suggesting that President Nana Addo Dakwa Akufo-Addo skip the Independence Day celebration and instead give a speech to the country.

According to Mr. Logic, Dumelo’s proposal is purely political and lacks genuine substance. He believes that if Dumelo’s party were in power, he would not make such a statement.

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Mr. Logic finds Dumelo’s suggestion to be hypocritical, stating that individuals should not play politics with events of national significance. He doubts that Dumelo would advocate for the same thing if his party were to win the election.

Mr. Logic believes that Dumelo’s statement is more of a cynical attempt to earn political points rather than a sincere concern for the country.

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In contrast to Dumelo, Mr. Logic believes that President John Mahama, if elected as Ghana’s next leader, would never advocate for a boycott of the Independence Day celebration. He thinks that Dumelo’s labeling of President Nana Akufo-Addo is unwarranted and is eager to see what President Mahama would say to him.

Mr. Logic also emphasizes the importance of Independence Day, stating that President Mahama would never boycott it, no matter what independence means.



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