We will IMMEDIATELY reduce fares when fuel prices get to ¢11 per litre – GPRTU.

The Deputy Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Road and Transport Union (GPRTU), Samuel Amoah, has announced that there will be no reduction in transport fares despite the recent drop in fuel prices.

Petroleum products have seen a decline in prices at the pumps, with some outlets selling petrol for ¢12.95, a decrease of between three and ten percent. Commuters have urged the GPRTU to reduce transportation costs to accommodate the drop in fuel prices. However, Mr. Amoah stated that the GPRTU will only consider reducing fares if fuel sells at ¢11 per litre.

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He explained that a reduction in fare will mean a collapse of businesses, despite the decline in fuel prices. According to him, the Union will need to put other calculations and components in place to ensure that businesses can sustain operations.

Insurance has shot up to 30%, not to mention spare parts and lubricants, which have all seen an increase in prices.

Mr. Amoah stated that the Union hopes fuel prices will continue to decline, enabling them to reduce fares. This is because there is high patronage when there is a reduction in fares. He added that a reduction in fares will lead to an increase in the number of people coming to the trotro station to board vehicles.

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In conclusion, despite the recent drop in fuel prices, the GPRTU has ruled out any chance of a reduction in transport fares. The Union hopes that fuel prices will continue to decrease, and that they will be able to reduce fares in the future.

However, they will need to put in place other calculations and components to ensure that businesses can sustain operations if fares are reduced.


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