Nurse Opens Up about Patients Dying of covid-19.

One Ghanaian Nurse Opens Up about Patients Dying. Revealing some facts about what is really happening in Ghana’s covid 19 isolation centres in the greater Accra region.

In the Last three weeks the Ga east regional hospital has had exponential increase in the number of intakes. And currently about 30 percent of admitted patients are on oxygen supoort.

Nurse Opens Up about Patients Dying
Nurse Opens Up about Patients Dying

The nurse whom has chosen to remain anonymous said she wasn’t going to keep quiet about the current conditions. If even the authorities are not willing to address the issue out of panic or fear.

The nurse speaking to Alfred Ocansey on the Sunrise Morning Show hosted on 3FM made declarations that the cases are infact real but proof or pictures cannot be shared because of victimization.

She added that patients are fighting for their lives and at verge of death since the virus became so severe.

Nurse Opens Up about Patients Dying

More of the numbers are also the young ones so clearly its not about age or strength.

This goes as a precaution for the general public they should observe the covid 19 protocols to ensure their own safety.

Ghana is running out of hospitals that can admit covid patients. so please stay safe so you don’t end up fighting for your life with covid 19.



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