Naija Lady Makes Mess At Club Party Whiles Drunk

Ladies will not listen if you tell them not to do something their heads can’t handle. This is the end outcome.

Yes, it’s a party, and the chick you’re seeing below was described as “not even a Stripper, but one of the “#holy-holy” students of Unical – Calabar.”
This happened after only 54 minutes of drunkenness. Making a mess at the party by going topless and then more. With lots of people both men and women at the scene. She doesn’t feel ashamed for taking the clothes off.

Other people shared opinion that she was only drunk and didn’t know what she was doing. But still this is a very interesting scene and event.

Please advise her if a lady can be this crazy without being insane.

This Report was sighted in nigeria and posted on Nairaland sometime ago.

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More Information on the event will follow up shortly.

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