How To Reset Your Apple ID Password

Your Apple ID is likely used for a lot of important things, like accessing your App Store purchases and iCloud content, locating a lost device, and more.

That’s why it’s also important to have a strong password that’s stored in a safe place, such as a password manager.

Nonetheless, accidents happen, and you may wind up locked out of your Apple account because of a forgotten password or some other mishap.

However, If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic, and here’s how to get back in.

Reset your Apple ID password from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

On an iPhone or iPad device:

  • Go to Settings, then tap on the button with your name and profile picture
  • Go to Password & Security > Change Password.
  • You’ll receive a passcode, and once you verify the passcode, you can enter a new password for your Apple ID

The process is very similar on a Mac.

  • Go to System Preferences > Apple ID > Password & Security.
  • Click Change Password and enter your computer’s password.

Reset your password with another Apple device

  • Go to the App Store and download the app, either using the link above or by searching for “Apple Support” in the store.
  • Once you open the app, you should see a screen displaying details about the Apple device you’re using. Tap the Passwords and Security button.
  • Go to Reset Apple ID password > Get Started and select A different Apple ID.
  • Tap Continue and enter your Apple ID.

If you don’t have access to an Apple device

Apple’s account recovery process takes time, maybe “several days or longer,” according to a support document from the company.

Giving it time to verify that it’s really you trying to reset your password by looking to see if any of your Apple devices are being used during that time frame.

  • To begin, go to and enter your Apple ID. It may also ask you to confirm your phone number.
  • You are required to have access to a logged-in device or an iPhone or iPad, such as tapping a notification on your iPhone or iPad or using the Apple Support app.
  • If none of them work for you, click the Can’t use any of these options? Link.
  • From there, you’ll be able to start the account recovery process.
  • You may have to provide a verification number sent to you via text or email.
  • After you do so, the wait will begin.

Note: In its account recovery support document, Apple says there are a variety of ways it may try to speed up the account recovery process, including asking you to provide details about the credit card you have on file and/or having you provide a code emailed to your main address.

You’ll receive a text or phone call with instructions on how to recover your account.