Schools Reopen Amidst Covid-19; Matters Arising.

Today,15th of January, 2021 marks the day of official reopening of schools and educational Institutes in Ghana. All Schools Reopen Amidst Covid-19. After a speech given by the president His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo on 3rd January most citizen were muddled.

Some questioned the integrity of the man that heads the nation as to whether he cares about its citizens at all. Meanwhile some also particularly students were happy to receive such news.Everyone having different views.

Schools Reopen Amidst Covid

On more social media platforms users expressed excitement for the fact that their wards were finally going back to school after a long stay at home. Some added, expressing concern for how their children were falling into bad shape after this long period of stay. More Children during this period of Pandemic fell into the claws of social media with no productive mindset .

My children have forgotten all they learnt and they are here playing funny games

one user exclaimed

Others individuals were pessimistic about the whole idea as Schools Reopen Amidst Covid-19. How are children particularly those at the nursery and even lower level going to follow the safety protocols and ensure social distancing amongst themselves.

I cannot send my child out to go and die, even worse bring the disease home to infect us all

Another user on twitter stated


For some parents of children with special needs, this announcement did not make any difference. As All Schools reopen amidst Covid. These are critical times and I think the Government should have this concern in mind. Some children with disabilities strive to fend for themselves and go to school. But that was a time time where we all had no glimpse of this novel pandemic. Now it is here,the government has put protocols and policies in place. How is this going to affect people with special needs.

Fees for students with special needs are usually double the normal amount . If you aren’t lucky enough to have a scholarship or find a good school that takes less but provides optimum care. The schools that are charitable enough to accept a child with special needs and even take less are just a few.

The Special Mothers Project, an advocacy and awareness creation programme of cerebral palsy issues and issues affecting families raising children with disability is calling on the government to pay attention to children with special needs and Include Development Policies.

One good suggestion is that government introduces an employment scheme at the National Service level. Where students who go to the university to study Rehabilitation and Disability studies and complete work with these children.`

Care-giving is a professional job, it is not just menial, it requires a lot of empathy. And at this point where covid-19 is still threatening we need to be extra vigilant.


As Schools Reopen Amidst Covid-19. The Government has put in place certain measures to ensure the maximum chance of safety against the covid


To begin with, Most infections are bacteria or viral caused hence effective fumigation of schools should be the first step in curbing the infection rate. If we should stand a chance against this covid-19. Most Senior High Schools have had their premises fumigated before school the reopening and also scheduled at the end of each term. Most Basic schools’ structures have also be fumigated before schools.

Improve Health Conditions of Schools

Measures have been put in place to improve the health conditions of schools providing more WASH facilities for schools across the country.These facilities may include: hand wash facilities (Veronica Buckets) and soaps or disinfectants, toilet facilities, boreholes, waste management structures among others.


The Media and government bodies should create awarenesss.All students should be informed of the situation and all made aware of all measures put in place to ensure safety from covid-19. Schools should utilize the safe school guidance and also equip schools with essential basic hygiene packages.

Accelerated Education, Remedial, And Catch-Up Programmes

Not all students were still engaged in the learning process at home or had access to learning mechanisms during the period of school closure. It is important that MoE/GES in consultation with key education stakeholders and Universities including school heads, teachers and school management committees develop plans to support such students to catch-up when schools resumes.

Monitoring and Evaluation.

The Ghana Ministry of Education will be monitoring the implementation of all plans and policies implemented and then evaluate to improve the plan if the need arises. Monitoring and evaluation tools developed to evaluate the measures implemented during the reopening of schools amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

With all that being said.You should do just fine when you go back to school. Just follow all the safety protocols issued in your school and hope for the very best.

I hope this piece of writing educates you. Covid-19 too shall pass!

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