A Man Tried To Sell A Country On Ebay.

This is awkward but true. The man who tried to sell a country on ebay must be one heck of an interesting guy. You probably heard about ebay and how items are listed up for sale . some genuine and others funny to hear about.

Back in 2006, A citizen of Australia by the name Isaac Butterfield attempted to sell the country of New Zealand in the month of May. interestingly people were bidding their offer as it was initially 0.01$. Its shocking how people wanted to actually buy the country New Zealand. maybe they had some majestic plan for the country or maybe they just wanted to find out if the sale was real. well we will never know because the sale was never completed.

The bid had reached $3000 before it was taken down due to a violation of eBay’s policy. I guess you can’t sell a country without the consent of its people (4.185 million then). It’s not clear if anything actually happened like the country taking action against our fellow comedian. But we do know that he tried the stunt again. He launched a Gofundme campaign to “sell New Zealand” after eBay shut down his auction

Butterfield says he did not know his Ebay auction would be taken down but suspected someone reported it after the offer started rising up.

Brisk’s bidding saw the price quickly climb from just one Australian cent to A$3,000 (£1,230), until eBay managers pulled the auction from the website.

“Clearly New Zealand is not for sale,” eBay Australia spokesman Daniel Feiler told the New Zealand Press Association, adding that 22 bids had been made before the company acted.

Its no news how some really weird items are put on ebay for sale.

Some items include:

The Hollywood sign; back in 2005 for around $450,000

Iceland was also put up for sale in 2008

An Individual Put his wife up for sale for having an affair in 2008.

The man who sold his life

And even a ghost cane.

Interesting right. In this case;

ITEM: New Zealand

STARTING BID: $0.01 AUD and Offer Reached above $3,000.

I mean who would think of such an idea to sell a country on ebay.

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