Does Indomie Noodles Cause Obesity Or Make You Fat

Nobody likes to the idea of extra weight, so you find most people trying to find out if noodles cause obesity or make you fat. No doubt the very idea that your favorite meal makes you fat can be very taunting. I have identified that a lot of people ask if the sumptuous delicacy indomie noodles causes obesity. Or if any less the noodles can make you fat.

The quick answer to this is a dependent yes. Noodles are among the most popular fast foods for those who have limited time and are hungry. Noodles, which are introduced as instant pasta, consist of thinly cut, curved noodles. Indomie or quick noodles have over the years became the savior of both busy workers and students who do not have the time to cook. Noodles are very high in terms of carbohydrate value. And this is one of the food types that nutritionists focus on.

If you also have the question of whether noodles cause obesity or make you fat, then you can find the answer in this article. If you are preparing a quick dish of noodles every time you are hungry and you are very happy after eating it, it’s time to face some facts. The details that should be known by those who are wondering whether instant noodles will make you fat are now in this article.

Can Noodles Cause Obesity Or Make You Fat ?

Examining the noodle dish more closely will aid us  to answer the question of whether noodle pasta makes you fat. Noodle is the form of dough prepared from rice, wheat or corn flour turned into thin and curved long pasta.

Noodle, which has a more fragile structure than classical pasta, is a satisfying and delicious food. However if you’re eating noodle often because of the bustle of work and school, opinions differ. The answer to the question of whether eating noodles makes you fat depends on the quantity and frequency at which you eat noodles.

If you consume noodles mainly in the evening when there is much activity before sleep, you may see swelling and fat around the belly after a period. This is because noodles is a high-calorie food type. Classic noodle contains an average of 140 calories per 100 gram serving.

Lets take it this way, you get 400 calories if you take in 100g pack of noodles with curry sauce. Meaning you can have an extra 400 calories each day to burn. So when this becomes regular in your daily routine then you sure know where you are headed.

100 g of cooked noodles has calorie content that amounts to that of about 40g of dry pasta, depending on the brand. White flour noodles may contain 150 kcal whilst a whole meal pasta has 140kcal.

With all that being said, you should know by now that noodles can definitely make you fat, but under certain circumstances :

  • if you eat too much at a time
  • if you eat too little fruit, vegetables, and fiber together with it.
  • No regular exercises, clearly a general cause.
  • And if you overeat it over time.

Can You Lose Weight When Still Eating Noodles? 

Anyone who consumes wholemeal pasta or pasta made from durum wheat semolina can lose weight instaed of whole grain noodles. The products contain complex carbohydrates that slowly increase blood sugar levels and thus make you feel stuffed for a long time. 

You are safe if you combine the noodles with light sauces such as fresh tomatoes, tuna, or vegetable sauce. However, the noodles should only get cooked until it is firm to the bite. Reason is that the blood sugar level does not rise as high, less insulin is released, and fat reduction starts earlier.

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How To Lose Weight While Eating Noodles

  • Choose A Low-Calorie Sauce For Your Meal.

The fattening factor in a noodles meal dish is usually not the noodles itself but the sauce: pesto, cream sauces, or pasta drowned in butter, plus a good quantity of parmesan cheese makes the calories rise.

However, if you choose a light vegetable sauce and use the oil sparingly when cooking, a pasta dish won’t have more calories than a large bowl of salad with vinegar dressing.

  • Choosing The Correct Type Of Noodles

Whole meal noodles fill up faster and longer than noodles made from white flour or durum wheat semolina. They consist of complex carbohydrates that must first get converted into shorter-chain sugars.

They also contain fiber that swells up the intestines and prevents the blood sugar level from rising rapidly. Or you could try low-carb noodles, such as those made from chickpeas, red lentils, or konjac root.

Another trick to save calories is to replace about one third of the noodles with Zucchini, This will prevent the noodles from causing obesity or make you fat.


Noodles consumed at periodic intervals do not cause obesity. Frequent consumption of noodles can affect your weight, as it will cause calorie storage. Noodles are a medium-level food in terms of calories. If high calorie sauces of consumed alongside them weight gain will be accelerated.

In order not to gain weight, you can limit your noodle consumption. You can help burn calories by drinking plenty of water after eating noodles and exercising regularly. Simple right?

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