Indomie Noodles and It’s Misconceptions

It would be surprising to know that you have no idea about the popular brand of instant noodles ‘Indomie’. Especially when you from this country. Indomie instant noodles has been one of the most consumed fast-food in Ghana. Almost everyday Fast food joints in every corner prepares this meal for sale . Perhaps because it’s easy and fast to prepare. Or maybe its because of the marvelous taste.

Did You Know Indomie Is From Indonesia?

Well If you do know about indomie and in regions like Ghana then i’m sure you probably have the misconception that Indomie comes from NIGERIA. Thats a big lie. Indomie actually originated from Indonesia, A company named Indofoods. Most people have this misconception because of how the production of this instant noodles shot up in Nigeria and then spread to Ghana.

The actual fact is that, indomie’s original company based in the country indonesia has been in productionn since for quite a long time. Sometimes i hear people using the phrase ”these indomie generation” to depict that an individual came about recently. That’s a fallacy. People think indomie came just recently and from Nigeria but no it has been in the game for a really long time now. Perhaps you just discovered and had a taste recently.

What complicates the story is that Indo-food actually manufactures and exports the product to a wide number of countries. They opened a production unit in Nigeria. Through a partnership with Tolaram Group in Nigeria somewhere in 1995. So today you should know that indomie never originated from Nigeria. There are a number of products that originate from Nigerian. The likes of dangote Noodles and many more.



Did you Know Indomie set a world record back in 2005 in its early days of production? Yes Indofood the original manufacturing company for Indomie among other products set this astounding record of making a giant indomie pack that was approved for human consumption. “Indomie”, the best selling instant noodles brand of PT Indofood, Sukses Makmur Tbk created a new world record back in February 2005 for “The Largest Packet of Instant Noodles”.

It was on the 3rd of February 2005 at Indofood’s Surabaya factory. Where they produced a whole packet of Indomie noodles. Under the supervision of some officials from the National Agency for Drug and Food Control. To ensure that the product to be consumed was produced hygienically. The packet produced was huge enough to fill a room. And also present were surveyors from the Metrology Division of the East Java Industry and Trade Office to record the weight and dimensions of the giant instant noodles.

On 10 February 2005, the giant Indomie was inspected by Mr. Christian Marais, Researcher & Adjudicator of Guinness World Records. After reviewing the evidence, Mr. Christian Marais commented that this was indeed a fantastic achievement. Statistically the giant Indomie measured 3.4m x 2.355m x 0.47m. With a net weight of 664.938 kg, about 8,000 times the weight of regular pack of instant noodles. They made it using the same ingredients as a regular pack of instant noodle and certified fit for human consumption. Having met all the criteria set by Guinness World Records, Mr. Marais declared the giant “Indomie” as “The Largest Packet of Instant Noodles” as at that time,and a new world record under the Manufacturing category.

Another Category

On the same day, “Supermi”, another leading brand of instant noodle produced by PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk, broke an existing world record for “The Largest Serving of Noodles”. Mr. Marais watched as they cooked the noodles. Officials from the National Agency for Drug and Food Control and the Metrology division of the East Java Industry and Trade Office were also present. The company deployed about 350 cooks and helpers donning gloves and maskers to cook 30,000 packs of “Supermi” noodles simultaneously. The noodles took 23 minutes to prepare. And they served in a “Supermi Super Bowl” with a diameter of 2.6 m and height 1.3m.

“The Largest Serving of Noodles” weighed 4.17 tons, breaking the previous record of 132 kg set in Murayama City, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan on 25 October 1998. After the official weighing-in, the instant noodles were served to the residents of the surrounding villages, who turned out in droves to watch the event, despite the scorching sun.


The certificates for “The Largest Packet of Instant Noodles” and “The Largest Serving of Noodles” were handed over by Mr. Christian Marais to the Director of PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk., Mr. Taufik Wiraatmadja. At this occasion, Mr. Wiraatmadja said that the record for “The Largest Packet of Instant Noodles” affirms “Indomie” as the market leader of instant noodles in Indonesia, and tops off a year in which “Indomie”  received numerous awards, namely “The Best in Achieving Total Customer Satisfaction”, “The Most Valuable Brand”, “Indonesia Best Brand Award”, “Indonesia Customer Satisfaction award” ”, “The Best Local Brand”, “Super Brand” and “Indonesia Customer Loyalty Award”.

As of Today, Indomie’s company Indofood exports ’s instant noodles to more than 55 countries in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and others. It has manufacting and production factories set up in more of the countries.

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