Rawlings Flight Under Adomi Bridge; Story Confirmed True.

Growing up,we heard incredible stories about some big personalities in Ghana and the wonderful achievements they have accomplished. Yaa Asantewaa being Ghana’s bravest female warrior. Stories about Komfo Anokye and his Golden Stool and Tobge Tsali the great priest. These are only a few to mention and even these listed ones have some supernatural attachments.

I know you probably heard about our dear late Father J.J rawlings big time achievement. Yes The story about how he flew a plane right under the adomi bridge at Atimpoku. A bridge that we believe is too short for a plane to pass under. Well, I guess it depends on the kind of plane, isn’t it?


Well, If your question is Did Rawlings fly a plane under adomi bridge? then Yes He did. In a recent interview with Mr Joseph Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo on CiTi Tv, He confirms the story to be indeed true.

Mr Joseph Nii Laryea who is a former Member of Parliament for Kpone-Katamanso worked within the close circles of the former president, Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings. Back in their young days through his military training. He had a discussion on the controversial subject as to whether or not the Rawlings actually flew a plane under the Adomi Bridge.

According to him, the stories are true that Rawlings flew a plane under the bridge, although he insists it was no ordinary plane but a jet fighter.

Mr Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo insists Rawlings indeed flew a jet plane under the Adomi Bridge. And he claims with the height of the bridge fro above ground it was an easy thing to do.

“It is easy to be done. It’s not fake news. If I have a very low sports car, I can drive very low under an articulator truck or a tanker truck, cross to the other side and return to base. And he told me this,” .

he insisted

He confirmed this story whiles in a Citi Tv discussion on Tuesday, January 26 which was hosted by Umara Sanda Amadu., Sharing with the public the memories he had with the late Lt Jerry John Rawlings who passed away in 2020.


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