TikTok Testing a “Dislike Button” For Comments

TikTok is testing a dislike button” for comments as the company announced today that users could dislike individual comments on videos. Individuals can flag remarks they feel “irrelevant or inappropriate” without their disapproval being seen by others, according to a TikTok blog article on safety and community guidelines enforcement. Earlier this year, some users noticed multiple versions of the choice.

The new feature is presently being tested in a few regions, with the United States being one. When a person dislikes a comment, it is not made public, and commenters are not told that their comment has been disliked. Other users and commenters will also be unable to see how many times a comment has been disliked.

TikTok sees the button as a method for people to report comments that are potentially spam or don’t make sense in the context of the video. The business clarified that the dislike button isn’t intended to report comments and that users should instead follow the usual procedure for reporting harassment, hate speech, bullying, and other types of abuse.
TikTok is testing a private dislike button for comments

In a blog post detailing the new test, TikTok said, “We’ve started testing the dislike button to enable individuals to identify comments they believe are irrelevant or inappropriate.” “We’ll use this community feedback in addition to the other elements we now employ to keep the comment section relevant and a place for true discussion,” says the author.

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The company has declined to share details about the dislike button’s UI. Still, TikTok has been developing the dislike button for quite some time now, as social media consultant Matt Navarra first spotted the feature in March 2020.

TikTok is also experimenting with reminders that will direct users to the app’s comment filtering, bulk ban, delete options, and the new private dislike button. Users whose films receive a lot of negative feedback will receive reminders. TikTok will put the functionality to the test and decide whether or not to completely roll it out in the following weeks based on the results.


If wholly implemented, the feature would join TikTok’s existing tools for creators, such as the ability to manually check all comments or filter comments that contain keywords they specify. Users can also choose who has access to their content and who can comment on it. You can, for example, enable anyone on the platform to remark, only people who follow you back or no one at all.

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